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Jul 15, 2015 6:15 PM ET

Croydon College Square: to turn a drab and cluttered, but well-used small public space into a vibrant, green oasis of calm

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 15, 2015

Croydon College Square


We would love to be able to install some quick win elements of the Fair Field Masterplan, focussing on College Square (the small square between George Street and the College Entrance). Currently any development on this site via the Masterplan is potentially years away, but it’s a couple of minutes walk from East Croydon station and on a major route into the town centre and could do with some TLC right now, and that’s where we (and you!) come in.

We want to remove the clutter and the outdated benches, planters and dead conifers and install new seating, planters and lighting within a high quality theme that reflects the rest of the work going taking place through the Connected Croydon scheme.

Croydon BID will will maintain the space in terms of planting, once it is up and running, with assistance from Croydon College students, and there is plenty of local talent to bring the space to life through music, markets or art.

What we’ll do:

  • Better planting – no one wants concrete planters with dead trees, let’s do something about it!
  • Better seating – not just a line of benches, but seating where conversations can happen
  • A better surface – not a combo of bricks, paving slabs and tarmac. One overall look would be much better (long term)
  • Decorative elements tying the space in with Croydon College and the rest of the designs planned for the wider area
  • Attractive overhead lighting of the space, which currently has no lighting at all
  • A space for people to come and perform, or an open air gallery, or a market space, or…

Why it’s a great idea:

A huge variety of people use this space and we think they deserve a much more attractive place to enjoy their time outside. Croydon currently lacks attractive and peaceful places to just sit down and this could be an ideal spot.

Through funding already committed from us, and from the property owners of the neighbouring buildings and with help from Croydon College and Croydon Council, we can transform College Square into a space to enjoy and be proud of. It’s a great partnership project which could showcase the “new face” of Croydon.

However, we also need YOUR help! Please spread the word by sharing this page.

How we’ll get it done:

  • Sign-off final designs with all funding partners and Croydon Council
  • Schedule a timeline for delivery and appoint contractors
  • Keep all funders and members of the public regularly updated with progress and pictures
  • A launch event in the space to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone
Contact Information:

Croydon BID

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