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Jul 14, 2015 9:56 AM ET

Archived: Sofan Project Management : Converting Waste Tires to Energy

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 14, 2015

Sofan Project Management is a key actor in the environmental movement, implementing conservation by converting used vehicle tires into new, useful products.


Transportation in America is dominated by vehicles, and with the constant use and abuse of our vehicles, waste in America is dominated by tires. In fact, there are over 300 million used vehicle tires discarded in America each year — Colorado alone carries 60 million of these used tires, piled in monofills that pose fire and environmental hazards.

Sofan Project Management has innovated a use for this waste that eliminates environmental hazards while maximizing utility.


1. Sofan Project Management receives used tires from tire companies and landfills.

2. Our state-of-the-art, EPA-approved thermal conversion system processes the tires to create Activated Carbon, energy, and fuel products for resale.

3. The commercial and governmental sources purchase Sofan Project Management’s new products to implement environmental efficiency — waste tires are now treasure, in the form of activated carbon, energy, and fuel products.


Sofan Project Management is a revolution waiting to happen, and so far we have accomplished many feats that highlight our future roadmap to success.

Sofan Project Management has multiple operating facilities identified and under contract, with permits already acquired.

Our inventory is expansive, built upon
over the last 2 years.

Our company is already acquiring operating sites in locations such as Mississippi and Puerto Rico — with more in line in other future U.S. locations, the Dominican Republic, Panama and Costa Rica, all handled by our operations out of our Florida Headquarters.

Sofan Project Management’s proprietary and innovative process utilizes technologies under license to achieve its business objectives.

Sofan uses the same equipment as has been successfully used for processing Activated Carbon the past three year by Calgon Corporation, the world’s largest filtration company for homes, buildings and cities.


Nicholas Apostol, Executive Managing Member & CEO, has 25 years of experience in recycling and waste processing innovations as well as experience in financial controls and international development under his belt, bringing to the table specialist knowledge of waste tire processing.

As the founder and CEO of this project, Mr. Apostol has committed to built-in safeguards to protect investors’ investment through secured equipment and keyman insurance policies during the initial phases of the business’s upstart.

Rubert Ward, Vice President & General Manager, has been managing domestic and international operations, including extensive experience in the waste tire recycling and energy industries, for over 35 years.

Randall White, Product Development Leader, has 25 years of manufacturing experience in businesses such as residential construction and prototyping recumbent bicycles. He has extensive knowledge of industrial technologies that he brings to the table at Sofan.

Jacob Gitman PhD, Vice President of Engineering, has an undergraduate degree in Physics and Mining, with a Doctorate in Physics of Solids. He has authored more than 50 scientific publications, patents, and commercial inventions related to thermal destruction of matter. He also owns an R&D firm in Miami that has been in business for over 25 years.

Contact Information:

Nicholas Apostol
Rubert Ward
Randall White
Jacob Gitman PhD

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