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Jul 13, 2015 1:45 PM ET

Blossoming Rose – Rosehill Traders Market: re-establishing the once-popular traders market

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 13, 2015

Blossoming Rose: Rosehill Traders Market



The market area currently boasts the full infrastructure to support a bustling street market. Ten pitches are attractively marked out, each with up-to-date installations to access power. Currently, however, there are no traders bar one. Local residents will be incentivised to trade through the provision of 11 uniform market stalls and essential equipment, stored locally and rented to traders at low cost; subsidised pitch fees for 12 weeks; and an advertising campaign to promote the business opportunities to Rosehill’s diverse population. The Rosehill Traders Association (RTA) is committed to managing the market with Sutton Council’s Street Licencing Team and Town Centre Manager. The market will be launched in December 2015 alongside the Rosehill Christmas Festival and Christmas Lights Switch On, operating weekly and twice-weekly once established. Rosehill will ‘blossom’ under increased footfall and business prosperity that will create new jobs and bring the community together.

What we’ll do:

  • Re-establish a market to run weekly, progressing to twice-weekly once established
  • Attract 10 market traders to remain trading for at least six months following project closure and create 20 jobs
  • Encourage members of the community to transform a hobby into a business opportunity
  • Provide members of the community with the tools to start their own business such as market stalls and related equipment
  • Encourage the uptake of business opportunities on the market by Rosehill’s diverse ethnic and cultural groups
  • Organise a successful launch event in December 2015 tied with the Rosehill Christmas Lights Switch On
  • Explore the option of expanding the market beyond its 10 pitches once established

Why it’s a great idea:

There is great desire within Rosehill’s business and residential community to reverse the decline of the District Centre – many of which rely upon for their livelihoods and consumption needs. Nevertheless, Rosehill has experienced a 25% reduction in footfall over the past year. The RTA seeks to stimulate Rosehill’s economic vitality and viability by re-establishing its once-popular market – a proposal supported by local residents, councillors and Sutton Council. A survey, conducted by local traders and at the recent St Helier Festival, has thus far shown a 96% support rate from over 70 local residents for the revitalisation of the market, with a quarter calling for a plants and gardening market, followed by street food (17%) and a farmers market (15%). Sale of these goods will particularly be encouraged to reflect consumer demand, therefore creating a sustainable and vibrant market. The market will cater for the residential and working population and support existing businesses.

How we’ll get it done:

  • RTA to oversee project delivery with regular fortnightly meetings and performance measured against realistic goals
  • Advertise market pitch opportunities, particularly to ethnic groups, extensively through offline and online channels
  • Signpost people to the Opportunity Sutton Local Centres Toolkit for information on starting a business
  • Monitor project progress through ongoing evaluation

Storage of market stalls and equipment in Rosehill has been agreed with Sutton Council.

The RTA was established in 2007 and comprises over 15 members. The RTA was responsible for the introduction of an extended parking scheme in Rosehill and holds a well-attended, yearly Christmas community event. Furthermore, the RTA secured funding from the St Helier, The Wrythe and Wandle Valley Local Committee for hanging baskets and flower troughs. The London Borough of Sutton, local councillors, the Safer Neighbourhoods Team and the Sutton Chamber of Commerce are highly supportive of the RTA.

Rosehill is already well-connected by public transport and is served by 6 bus routes. This connectivity will be further enhanced by the potential Tramlink extension to Sutton town centre, with a tram stop proposed for Rosehill. There is overwhelming support for the Tramlink extension (84%) which will enable local businesses and market traders to widen their consumer catchment area.

Contact Information:

Rosehill Traders Association

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