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Jul 13, 2015 7:27 PM ET

Archived: Bitcoin buyer tops e-commerce world

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 13, 2015

PERBTC.com rises to the top, offering new deals on bitcoin purchases

July 13th, 2015 – PERBTC.com is now offering 12 to 13% above the market value for Bitcoin, and now is the time to take advantage. With the rise in popularity of Bitcoin commerce, many online firms are finding creative new ways to take advantage of this valuable virtual resource. However, none are more market-savvy than PERBTC.com, an up and coming financial world star that is taking e-commerce by storm.

For those not in the know, Bitcoin is the premier virtual currency that is being used online for a variety of purposes, including electronics purchases, travel, and a growing number of online businesses. It allows spenders to take advantage of the convenience and flexibility of online currency, invest, and grow their finances in a totally new way. PERBTC.com is offering unprecedented returns on user investments with their new offer.

Dale Murray, the CEO of PERBTC.com, commented: “We are happy that with this promotional offer we will be able to help the Bitcoin community. By riding on this next wave of digital technology, we hope to become a major leader of the Bitcoin community, and offer exceptional deals for all Bitcoin purchases. It’s about staying in-step with the times, and we know that Bitcoin is a wise investment and are confident that it can take us to the top.”

A visit to PERBTC.com reveals a cleanly-designed website that is easy to use, making Bitcoin transactions quick and easy. Users only need to enter their email address, and bank or PayPal information and they will be ready to take advantage of this new promotional offer.

Aside from the main page, they also offer a news section and frequently asked questions, which can help new users discover the relevance and importance of Bitcoin, and the subtleties of the trading process. Any further questions on the website can be answered in real time by staff.

Rates are updated constantly, following current market trends, for the most accurate information. Combined with knowledgeable staff and a regularly updated news page, this gives PERBTC.com the edge over competitors in the field by offering a depth of market knowledge that is unrivaled.

PERBTC.com is currently purchasing Bitcoins so any interested sellers should visit their website as soon as possible for the best deals. For more information, visit, www.perbtc.com or call (315) 636-4266 .

Contact Information:

Email: help@perbtc.com
Phone: +1 (315) 636-4266

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