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Archived: “A love story, a space mission from humanity through humanity”

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12 episodes for 12′ each to bring you in a space mission for humanity, from humanity, through humanity.

Arca Genesi 

The legend of the ARK beyond the Galaxy.

“A love story, a space mission from humanity through humanity”


One man born into a spaceship hundreds years after the take-off is raised by a very sophisticated electronic system. He is a vital part of the scientific mission called Genesis Ark. Broll, that’s his name, is going to be captain of the ship
after 33 cycles of the Ark life (approximately 24 years). At that stage his is going to be told everything about the mission, its goals, its procedures and he will be given the complete control of the ship and its cargo. Until then is going to be trained, educated, taught in order to make him able to fulfill the mission. The goal is to bring our genetic patrimony to Aqvos, a little blue planet at the other side of the universe, and to re-establish terrestrial biological environment and civilization.


By then, the dichotomy between Culture and Nature on Earth was cleanly delineated, thereby determining a partial  biological atrophication of vast geographical areas. Furthermore, several wounds on the Earth’s crust were
accelerating the planet’s deterioration.
Early on, such phenomena would impose the numerous communities to make sudden changes in their habits, which had been deeply entrenched for thousands of years and entire populations were forced to adapt to new conditions. The knowledge that, in just a few decades, a new Glacial Era would begin contributed to a miraculous observation of the sky that did not delay in revealing a faint glimmer of hope in the sidereal space, from the opposite corner of the galaxy:…

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