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Jul 12, 2015 3:35 PM ET

Archived: Nailed It! – Edinburgh Fringe: A collection of our best work, “Nailed It!” is a heartfelt and meaningful look at life, relationships, Hogwarts, incest and plant genitalia

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 12, 2015

Nailed It! – Edinburgh Fringe

The story of the project

Loclan and Andrew (aka Mackenzie-Spencer and Strano aka… us) are taking our work “Nailed It!” all the way to the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival! 
A collection of our best work, “Nailed It!” is a heartfelt and meaningful look at life, relationships, Hogwarts, incest and plant genitalia. It celebrates the insane, brutal and (often) hilarious things we do when we’re in love, falling out of love and even realising our innate solitude.
It’s about when you are (or really aren’t)… nailing it. (Sorry to hammer the metaphor home)

We’ve been writing together since making our debut as the joint Melbourne winners of the YTICC 10th Annual Cabaret Showcase in 2012. We took some of our early work with us to NYC in late 2013 and after meeting with composer/lyricists (who told us to “hurry up and write a show”), we put together “Nailed It!”. This season reunites us with our Director, friend and long time collaborator Casey Gould (who’s coming to Edinburgh too)!

How the funds will be used

Your donation would go towards covering:
Fringe registration fees 
Marketing (Posters & Flyers, print and distribution, brochure and program entries)
Technician hire fees
Keyboard, mic & tech hire fees
Production costs – props and costume (not that there’s much of this – we already own the jacket!)
the big one: Venue hire (We have a magnificent venue in Roxy Downstairs with Assembly!)

At a conservative estimate, the SHOW budget will roughly equal $6000 – $7000. Entirely possible to do with your help!

Some of my other work


It’s won an award: Greenroom Award, Best Original Songs, 2014
Was nominated for an award: Best Male Cabaret Performer, Theatrepeople, 2015

Got swanky reviews:
“Five Stars. The perfect viewing experience” Theatrepeople
Hysterically funny and poignantly touching” The Theatre Nerd
“Every song finds a surprising (and usually hilarious) perspective” Theatrepress
A stripped back and beautiful account of grief, love, insecurity, selfishness and hope”Australian Stage

We love the work and we think with your help we could share it with the world!


The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is huge. This year’s program features over 3000 different events! The challenge is to stand out from the pack, and the only way to do it is to really get in there and do your marketing and publicity properly.

Having performed in 6 Melbourne International Comedy Festivals, 2 Adelaide Fringe Festivals, The Adelaide Cabaret Fringe, 2 Melbourne Fringe festivals (and so on and so forth), we’re no strangers to how they work and the level of commitment to the project we have to have.

We already have a massive advantage. We were selected to perform at an Assembly Venue – Roxy Downstairs – at a great timeslot – 8:15pm. To put it in perspective, we’re sharing the venue and timeslot with Joel Creasey!

That’s why we need you guys! With your help we can afford to make the most of the incredible opportunity that performing in Edinburgh affords us. 

Of course, quite separate to all the help you give us, the three of us will also be paying our own flights, accommodation and living costs for the fringe season in Edinburgh, roughly another $2500 each.

Contact Information:

Mackenzie-Spencer & Strano
Andrew Strano
Loclan Mackenzie-Spencer

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