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Jul 12, 2015 12:29 PM ET

Archived: Areté STEM Academy: the integration of science, technology, engineering and math in activities and lessons of which students are taking part

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 12, 2015

Areté STEM Academy




I am a math and science teacher as well as a middle school administrator. I have always dreamed of starting a STEM based summer camp for kids and I have decided to start reaching for that dream by starting an after school program focused on STEM curriculum. Eventually, this will lead to a summer away camp. The summer away camp will include free enrollment for low income children. Coming from a poor family myself, I know what it’s like to not get to take part in things like summer camp and I would like to give free enrollment to some low income kids who should have access to summer camp and have interest in engineering as well.

 STEM is the integration of science, technology, engineering and math in activities and lessons of which students are taking part. They will be learning 21st century skills including technology, 21st century leadership skills, communication skills, teamwork skills, critical thinking skills, creative problem solving skills, and engineering design processes all the while having lots of fun.

Our dedicated and highly trained teachers are committed to delivering the highest quality STEM education and care across a range of student ages, while making the experience as fun as possible. Our mission is to help children build a foundation for 21st century skill development over the course of their lives. Success in the 21st century doesn’t start when you graduate from college. It starts from the time a child is born. The earlier children are given the opportunity to express ideas and experiment with their creativity and critical thinking , the easier they will learn 21st century skills and the more skills they will learn. At Areté, they will have this and will be having fun while they are at it.

Another important aspect of Areté is that we recruit teachers who are highly rated and pay them $100 per hour plus pay for their vacations. Why do we do this? We do this because the best teachers are paid the same as the worst teachers and I believe that’s not fair. I started this program to help students develop STEM skills but also to help great teachers have a better quality of life. Who deserves more than great teachers who are underpaid?

The funding I receive from this campaign will go toward seeding the business, more specifically paying for initial marketing materials and equipment to be used by students. Once, these basic start up costs are paid for, the business will be self-sustaining and no further fundraising will be necessary. In order for this program to get started I need to receive some outside financial help. That is where you come in. Please fund my campaign. It will greatly benefit potentially thousands of students and hundreds of great teachers who have been under-appreciated for so long. In return for your generous donations, you will receive tokens of appreciation from our students. All donations are greatly appreciated. Even just $1 is a big help. If you donate between $20 and $100, you will receive images of students using the materials funded by this campaign. If you donate $300 or more, you will get letters of appreciation from a class of students along with a photograph of the class and images of students using materials your funding has helped obtain.

Contact Information:

Irik Edens

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