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Jul 11, 2015 1:33 PM ET

Archived: Stand Down: a charity set up with the aim of providing psychological treatment, help and support to any currently serving member or veteran of the British Armed Forces

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 11, 2015

Stand Down


Stand Down is a UK Registered Charity that was established in 2014 after the tragic death of the founders brother Anthony (known as Tony.) Tony had served for 14 years in the British Army as a Royal Engineer and was a proud, loving and respected husband, father, uncle and brother.

Due to the harrowing experiences of war that Tony encountered whilst serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, he suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.) This adversely effected his and his family’s daily lives. His family reached out to the Army and existing charities during this time, but no help was forthcoming and 5 months after taking redundancy from the Army, Tony’s PTSD was a significant factor in his early death at the age of 38 years.

Unfortunately this situation is not unique and we hear stories almost daily of individuals in the same or similar situations. We understand that the Government and the Ministry Of Defence provide treatment for mental health conditions which occur due to the nature of the Armed Forces, many have experienced it to fall short of the treatment that is actually needed and found this support difficult to access. There are many charities that do a wonderful job of supporting our veterans and those who have experienced physical trauma, but there are no charities that support currently serving personnel and their family’s, who are experiencing mental trauma.

Stand Down is a charity set up with the aim of providing psychological treatment, help and support to any currently serving member or veteran of the British Armed Forces, who suffer from any mental health trauma as a result of military combat. Stand Down also aims to provide help and support during the resettlement period of adjustment upon serving members leaving the Armed Forces. The charity will also support the dependents of those who use it’s services.

The initial money raised will go towards the charities start up costs, such as the commissioning of a fundraising video, initial counselling sessions and contracts, branding, insurance, advertising and general running costs


What is the social/environmental problem/issue that this project will address?

Relief from the effects of psychological trauma as a result of military combat of those who serve or have served within our Armed Forces.  Support for the family as a unit and as a stand alone service.

Can you give us some statistics on this problem?

The statistics presented by Combat Stress state that in “2013/2014 we supported 660 Veterans who served in Afghanistan (an increase of 67% on the previous year) and 960 who served in Iraq (an increase of 32% on 2012/2013).” It is clear that reported cases of mental trauma are rising within the veteran community. There were 217 initial assessments in 2011 for PTSD within the armed forces (currently serving), rising to 323 in 2013. These figures are only the reported cases of mental trauma, there are many more that go unreported or unsupported. With two major military operations having recently come to an end in Afghanistan and Iraq, these figures will only come to rise.   

What is your solution?

Online Counselling Support:

We aim to be in a position to provide online support to both those experiencing psychological trauma and their dependents by year ending 2015.  With the use of online counselling we can immediately reach those affected and in need of support.  The long term aim of Stand Down is to run dedicated military centres that support psychological trauma.

How will you deliver this?

Initially via online counselling

Contact Information:

Stand Down

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