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Jul 11, 2015 4:37 PM ET

Archived: Scotland – Property Rental Business Start-Up: I will be setting up a property rental business in the UK, starting in Scotland

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 11, 2015

Scotland – Property Rental Business Start-Up

Scotland - Property Rental Business Start-Up


Who am I?

My name is Philip Avery, I am a young entreprenuer, I am qualified in Mechanical Engineering/Subsea Engineering and I am currently studying for an Honours Degree in Buiness Management.

I have been involved in the property sector for the last 8 years and I currently have several properties which I own and I am in the process of selling one of these assets. The reason for selling is to re-invest into several properties and expand my current rental portfolio.

At present the market has been slower as I originally had hoped for.

Whilst I am waiting on a confirmed sale of one of my assets, valued at £530,000, no mortgage, attached link for peace of mind https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/327347/14-Deeside-Brae/Aberdeen/

I am hoping to kick off this project/business venture as soon as possible and I would like to invite people to assist me with this.

I used to work in the Oil and Gas sector internationally, contracting as a Subsea Engineer (still working when positions arise), but unfotunately due to slow/reduced work worldwide in the Drilling sector I am at a stand still.

My business plan is quite simple, there will never be a shortage for people to rent properties worldwide and with predicted private rental figures to continue to grow over the next 5 years across the UK there is no better time to take advantage of an expanding business opportunity such as this.

I have lived in Scotland since birth and due to my extensive knowledge on the Scottish property market I plan on expanding my portfolio starting in the Aberdeenshire region in the North East.


My Vision

I believe that at present the options available for people to get onto the housing ladder is limited, due to expensive deposits, with increasing costs of living it is getting more difficult for many people to save enough money (in a reasonable time frame) to afford a deposit on a property.

What I aim to do in the future, once established with a solid stream of income is to offer a sepcific package which will help people save money while renting. The reason this is not currently available is due to greed, people want the most of their investments.

This is possible by reducing the actual ROI, return on investment, even by 1% allowing more people to save more money to help with their future.

In the short term I aim to provide top quality private rental accomodation for excellent value to as many people as I can, and to offer my backers/investors a steady rate of interest better than current bank rates.


At this point you may be asking where do I come in?


Like any venture it will need funding and as mentioned above it is currently a waiting game for myself until the linked property sells.

What I would like to establish with this project is offer a return on investment for all backers, once the initial property is purchased and leased, at a rate of 5% on any funds which has been given which will be paid quarterly.

Also I will be very willing to return original pledged funds to each backer once the capital is released from the sale of the Aberdeen property unless otherwise agreed and continual business/investing/backing is wanted.



£50 pledge = quarterly payment of £0.63, totalling £2.50 @ 5% Per Annum.

£1000 pledge = quarterly payment of £12.50, totalling £50  @ 5% Per Annum

I am willing to discuss higher rates for any pledge over £1000


The raised total will be used to secure a property with a buy to let mortgage, pay for solicitor fees and prepare the property for lease, which can be done in a short turn around.


Like and Share

It would be great too if you could spread the word by sharing my Crowdfunding platform to your family, your friends and anyone you think who cares and shares my vision to create a business not only for profit but for helping people in the long run.

A pledge can be as little as £5 to £500+. Or if you are happy to pledge a little something or just share with friends, then I will be very happy with that too.

Target and Outcome

Our target from crowdfunding is £40,000 and this platform is an all or nothing target, so if we don’t reach £40,000 in 30 days we won’t receive any of the money pledged.

£40,000 is a large sum to aim for but as mentioned this is a fantastic long term opportunity also.


I appreciate you taking the time to read my proposal, and I would also like to mention if anybody would like to talk further about this venture and any long term investment I would very much like to hear from you and I can be contacted via email at P.avery@outlook.com


Thank you very much.


Phil Avery


Contact Information:

Phil Avery

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