Notas de la Calle: a docu series project about the life of street musicians around the world, we want to film the pilot for the first season - iCrowdNewswire

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Jul 11, 2015 12:34 PM ET

Notas de la Calle: a docu series project about the life of street musicians around the world, we want to film the pilot for the first season

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 11, 2015

Notas de la Calle

About the Project


What is Notas de la Calle?

Notas de la Calle (Street Notes) is a web series documentary project about street musicians around the world. We want to shoot a first season of five self-contained chapters between South East Asia and India (Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and India).

The series will introduce a different street musician (or street band) in each episode, paying attention not only to the story behind, but also highlighting the work as artists, the music, and the personal reasons to choose the streets as scenario.

Street Notes is the the story of a time and a place, through the story of a street musician and it’s music.




In August we are meeting in Cambodia to start shooting the pilot episode, which will tell the story of the traditional music band of victims of the land mine; a group of street musicians who have in common to have suffered from landmines explosions during the dictatorship of Pol-Pot in Cambodia. Now days, they perform daily around the ancient temples of Angkor Wat.

How it all started?

It started a few years ago in a metro station looking for a hostel in Kuala Lumpur, when i stared for a long time a blind couple. She was singing, he was playing guitar, and I remember looking at them wondering if they were playing a Malaysian popular song or one of their own, and if so, if they had been recorded yet?

I kept thinking about this couple for a long time. What about their daily life? Did they go every day to the same place? Did they have problems with police? How they claimed the space? Since i saw them, I pretty much recorded every street musician I saw in every country I’ve been.


Now, after living in China for almost 3 years, we’ve gather the majority of the equipment and save some money to go and do this the fough way, with no time for second shots or late ideas. And even though we know this will compromise the quality of the final product, we can’t afford to do this like it should be done..




How can you help?

We’ve realized that by asking some help to the community we could be taking this into another level. How? First by hiring more crew members, translators and fixers; second by allowing ourselves to get better shots by working in a smother enviroment; and also, by getting better microphones and a sound recorder.

For every donation you make you will be receiving a reward from us. We’ve choosen different reward to fit everyone’s pockets, like digital pictures of the project, a shout in the social media, book and t-shirts, the Pilot Episode and coproduction.

You can donate by credit card trough this platform.

But is not only with money that you can help. Promoting this project in social media is vital to achieve our goals: Your like’s and share’s in facebook will help us a great deal to get to more and more people.


Contact Information:

Ramiro Lago

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