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Jul 10, 2015 2:55 PM ET

Archived: Solomons Farm: The agri-business venture involves horticultural farming and selling the farm produce in the ready and established market

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 10, 2015

Solomons Farm.

The agri-business venture involves horticultural farming and selling the farm produce in the ready and established market. The demand for these horticultural products continues to rise and the existing horticultural farmers have never been able to satisfy this demand. Sound research and feasibility study has already been done and clearly shows that this is an excellent investment opportunity. There is therefore assurance that interested investor will get good returns on his / her investment.

I am the founder and owner of this agri-business venture. On the management team, plans are already in place to hire very experienced managers who have made great achievements in recognized companies and are willing to offer their competence in this venture.

The funds will be used to build greenhouse, purchase the equipments and for working capital. A comprehensive insurance cover for the business will be provided.
A loan with annual repayments, low interest rate, no early repayments penalty and In Sterling Pounds can be very convenient to this venture. I am also flexible on an equity investment with the exit strategy of buying back investors stake.The expected rate of return to the interested investor is also negotiable and offers are invited.

The funding required is GBP 50,000. Your investment / funding is very important and will bring this venture closer to a very successful enterprise.


Products / Services

Horticultural Farm produce.

Products & Services
Horticulture farm produce mainly fruits. Fruits are important for healthy living. The supply of this horticultural products in the ready and established market will meet customers unsatisfied demand.

Target Market
There is a ready and established market. The buyers compete to buy these horticulture farm produce from the neighbouring farmers. Due to this demand that far surpasses supply, the customers are willing to get into purchase agreement before the harvest is due.

Business Model
Horticultural farm products take four to six months to mature and be ready for harvesting. During this first six months, it is very important to have working capital in place in order to meet production costs. A series of sale of these horticultural products is expected to produce and maintain a positive cash flow. Funding with annual repayments, low interest rates, in sterling pounds, no early repayment penalty and no upfront payments would be the most convenient.

Contact Information:

Solomon Kamau

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