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Jul 10, 2015 3:47 PM ET

Archived: FlyUSA: to raise enough money to get our Pilot Licenses

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 10, 2015



We are Colin and Roy. We love adventure and have a passion for airplanes and flying. Now we feel it is time to put all that in to action and explore North America!

What do we want to do?
With your support, we want to raise enough money to get our Pilot Licenses. Get the flying experience and finally fly through all contiguous states. In our own little airplane (which later we will sell or auction of to charity). Everywhere we land we want to explore the city or town and try to meet up with as many of our sponsors as we can!

We will show everything we do on our YouTube channel so you can go along this adventure together with us. We will try to post almost daily updates. 

How can you support us?
By purchasing any of the packages on the right, you can help us reach our goal. From a simple donation to a complete Fly Along and City Exploration tour.

Help us pick and help a Charity!

With your support we want to buy our own plane. But also do good with it. On our website you can help decide which charity we will support and raise awareness for everywhere we go. At the the end of our project we will donate, sell or auction off this plane and the proceeds will go that particular charity! Or we can divide it over multiple charities. But you, our fans. Will help us pick and decide.

Contact Information:

Roy Heruer
Colin Hooyberg

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