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Jul 9, 2015 8:01 EST

Somadome – Peace in a Pod: to access mindfulness and manage stress conveniently and effectively

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 9, 2015




Stress and anxiety are preventable factors, which is why the corporate wellness industry is projected to grow 9.4% annually to $3.4 billion by 2018 and “wellness” is predicted to become “the next trillion-dollar industry.” Interest in managing stress and anxiety has spawned the “Mindfulness Movement,” which is being led by major health care providers, corporate employers and wellness centers and luxury spas. But, despite this interest, most consumers don’t know how to integrate any efficient solutions into their daily lives.

Somadome, Inc. has introduced the first commercial “product” that can offer an affordable, accessible, packaged solution to access mindfulness and manage stress conveniently and effectively, in 20 minutes.

The Company’s product—the Somadome—is a freestanding microenvironment that provides a private space for people to relax and benefit from three therapeutic treatments that work synergistically to enable whole person wellness.

The Company has developed and tested four iterations of its Somadome in numerous environments to confirm the product’s effectiveness, and has taken steps to protect its expanding intellectual property portfolio. The Company has also seen considerable unsolicited, enthusiastic interest from consumers, prospective commercial partners and from the emerging “wellness” industry.

Now, after over four years of self-funded development, the Somadome was launched at 5-Diamond luxury wellness spa Ojai Inn and Resort in April 2015 and in May in NYC’s #1 rated luxury spa, the Cornelia in The Surrey Hotel. There are 22,000 such luxury spas in the United States, which account for about $84 billion in revenue annually. Globally, the “wellness economy” is a $3.4 trillion industry with 110,000 spas.

During the next three years, Somadome plans to install about 150 pods in commercial (50) and corporate environments (150) primarily in leading luxury wellness resorts as well as wellness-focused corporations. Notably, the Company was recently ‘activated’ by Richard Branson at his Virgin Disruptor’s event in SF, and is now in negotiations to partner with Virgin for placements in their various verticals.

Somadome plans to place its next 11 units over the next 5 months in prime market placements and forward-thinking companies. Among these placements are Virgin’s HQ in London, the HQ of a technology leader in Silicon Valley, and 8 prime resort placements in NYC, Beverly Hills, Sedona, Vegas, Napa, and Miami.

Contact Information:

Matthew Markert
Juerg Frefel
Joe Tatar- ModFab Productions
Jenna Carlson
Jordan Schachter
Cooper Lee

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