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Jul 9, 2015 7:27 PM ET

Archived: Solar Station Uses Crowdfunding to Debut New Solar Power System That Mates to Tiny Homes

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 9, 2015

New Solar Power System For Small Living Just Launched. Now Your Tiny Home Can Hook Up With “Solar Station” For Instant Power and Extra Space.

A romance is brewing in the small home sector with the release of the Solar Station “Lander,” a small scale solar power system that comes complete with batteries, internet and recreational space. The Lander was designed specifically for small homes and recreational living. With 600 watts of panels and 2000 watts of output, it has the juice to make tiny living bright and fun. What also has enthusiasts excited is the extra space that can be used for:

  • Small office space
  • Guest loft
  • Storage
  • Garden shed
  • Play house
  • Out house
  • Well house
  • Dog house
  • and more

Solar Station is unique because it comes complete and ready to plug in. This instant access to power on arrival earns it the title of the world’s fastest and easiest solar power. The project recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to announce the release of the Lander and raise funds to develop a larger station for homes and vehicle charging currently called “version 3.”

“At Solar Station we think the future is fun. Small living is awesome, so we wanted to show our support for the community by designing a really fun and simple solar solution that will let tiny dwellers enjoy more power, more space and greater peace of mind,” says Ben Peterson, Solar Station founder.

Living small in one structure can be a challenge when family visits or tempers flare. With the extra space in the Solar Station tiny dwellers can regain some lost privacy in a separate unit.

In recent years the tiny home lifestyle has grown from quiet experiment to a full fledged movement. But left behind in this growth is a common sense approach to zoning, leaving many small home owners unable to attach to the grid legally. The Solar Station can meet this demand by forming an independent grid with battery backup.

How to get your Solar Station
The Solar Station Lander is available for pre-order on the company’s Indiegogo campaign found at http://FastSolarPower.com. Plan sets start at $25. Complete Solar Stations are $6,800. They arrive plug-in ready.

About SolarStation.com
Solar Station is a Seattle based tech startup developing a disruptively simple approach to solar. The company specializes in solar power systems that arrive ready to plug in and use. In a solar power market that does every install custom, Solar Station delivers complete energy systems off an assembly line just like good ole’ Henry Ford. Batteries included. Learn more at SolarStation.com

Contact Information:

Ben Peterson

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