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Jul 9, 2015 2:50 PM ET

Archived: Empowering our future generations: to change the way children think about food

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 9, 2015

Empowering our future generations




My name is Chris Harrey and I’m a worm farmer…. If you told me as a teenager I would end up a worm farmer I would have chuckled out loud. Let me tell you about how a young man from Norwich in England came to live in beautiful Western Australia and stumble upon the magical world of sustainability and the power of those little reddish-pink things that crawl around in the dirt.

The company that I worked for in the UK had a division in Australia and I was transferred to Perth WA to help promote the business. I arrived in Oz with a suitcase, a cardboard box of belongings and $1500 in my bank account. I had the very basics of furniture and luxuries but one thing I always managed to do was cook great food. I loved cooking. I found it very much on par with reading a great book or watching a movie. It transported me into a meditation like state where I could forget about the day and just create something spectacular which I could then enjoy and let others enjoy too. Being British I have always been fond of spicy food and so I thought to myself I would buy a small chilli plant to provide me with the very many chillies I would use in my cooking. This set off a kind of chain reaction. I enjoyed using garlic and basil so I started to grow that too, then I thought I may as well see if I can grow tomatoes, capsicum, all my herbs and spices and before I knew it I was addicted to growing food. What I couldn’t believe was that I could actually grow the ingredients in the court yard rather than having to buy them. Over the years I guess I had been in this false sense of belief that if I needed something I would have to go to the supermarket for it.

Over time I started to build and condition soils, discover worm farming and the massive benefits of worm composting and using the castings and worm tea as soil conditioners. The results I had when using these things in growing food was amazing! And I want to share this with our future generations.

My Mission

I have asked children where onions come from and they have replied “the supermarket”. I want to change that reply. I want to educate children that food grows in the back garden and the Earth provides everything we need for it to thrive! Its so very important. We have no boundaries when it comes to growing, the possibilities are endless. I have even designed hydroponic systems that can go on an apartment balcony or in a small court yard that run on organic worm tea and can grow an abundance of food and use 90% less water than conventional growing so limited space is not an excuse to not grow your own food.

Western Australia does not have any large scale commercial worm breeders and people are having to import worms from the Eastern States and pay quarantine fees of $70 each time they do. I want to solve this problem. I want to start my own large scale worm breeding farm and be able to supply WA with quality composting worms. I want to start an educational program for schools and day care centres and teach our future generations about growing their own food, worm farming and its benefits and building soils. I want to get children excited about growing their own food for Mummy and Daddy to cook and how kitchen scraps and garden waste does not need to go into the wheelie bin but can be used again to grow more and more food.



The money I raise will enable me to start commercially worm farming which in turn will provide me with an income so I can concentrate on teaching our youth about the wonderful planet we live on and how it kindly provides everything we need to grow nutritious organic food. It will enable me to build large scale worm beds, purchase stock of worms from Eastern States to start me off and will provide me with limited funds for marketing and advertising. I will be able to put into action the educational program that I have tailored to teach kids the process and benefits of soil building, planting, harvesting, seed saving, recycling, composting, worm farming and much much more in a digestible and fun way


iPledg is an all or nothing crowd funding platform. That means if we do not reach our target we get nothing and nothing is taken from your PayPal account or credit card. If you can not support this project financially you can still help by spreading the word using the share button and spreading the word to your friends. Thank You.

Let me leave you with two thoughts –

• Studies have shown that genetically modified foods lose 70% of their nutritional value by the time they reach the supermarket shelves……. Children don’t know what ‘nutritional value’ is….. I want to teach them.

• The word ‘organic’ means naturally grown without the aid of chemicals/pesticides/hormones (Genetically Modified). Now have a look how big the organic section of your supermarket is compared to the rest of the store…. pretty small right?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you share my vision and passion.


Contact Information:

Chris Harrey

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