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Jul 8, 2015 9:59 AM ET

Archived: Wildcat Automotive Holdings: design and manufacture of all-terrain vehicles, defined by their extreme on and off road performance

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 8, 2015

Wildcat Automotive Holdings

Wildcat Automotive Holdings


The Idea

Off Road Is Our Road

Wildcat Automotive specialises in the design and manufacture of all-terrain vehicles, defined by their extreme and off road performance. An uncompromising approach has seen Wildcat establish a world-renowned internationally recognized brand, recognized for high performance and off-road capability.

“The most fun I have ever had in a car” – Richard Hammond, Top Gear.

“I love that car” – Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear.

Wildcat has a privileged history of achievement, from the moment Richard Hammond declared himself a ‘Driving God’ in the first generation Wildcat some ten years ago. However, Wildcat has come a long way since that first outing on Top Gear…

Many succeeded in the world’s most demanding Rally Raids from the Baja Challenge through to the world’s toughest motor sport race, the Dakar, stand as testament to the Wildcat’s innate capacity. We are yet to find a vehicle model that has competed in as many Dakar’s.

From race to road, in 2013 Wildcat expanded its offering to the wider market, creating a special edition Land Rover Defender with Wildcat underpinnings: a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is now Wildcats best-selling vehicle model, supplying both discerning customers under the Wildcat brand, as well as customised Defender retailers as an OEM supplier.

One of the few remaining truly British brands in the UK, a decade after the first Wildcat model was created Oliver and his team have committed themselves to taking the business to the next level. Wildcat are set to expand the vehicle offering even further with a super-SUV, the Wildcat W22, and a military variant the MV-LSV based around a single core platform.

The W22 seeks to offer track day performance, with extraordinary off-road capabilities, and is designed to fill the gap presently in the luxury SUV market. The UK automotive sector is worth in excess of £60 billion per annum and we forecast this to grow steadily for the foreseeable future.

The second car in development is the MV-LSV (Light Strike Vehicle), which is being created for use in the military, security and exploratory sectors and have already been approved to undergo evaluation trials for supply of 171 vehicles to a major international government. We estimate this contract alone to be worth in excess of $21m USD.


2004-2015 – Wildcats have consistently won top positions within multiple international rally events including the Dakar, Pharoens and Tuareg Rally Raids. We know of no other vehicle that has competed in as many Dakars.

2015- MV-LSV successfully selected for field evaluation trial (final stage) for 171 vehicles to be supplied to a major international government. BAE uses a Wildcat as part of their development on driverless cars. Initiated plans to the super-SUV luxury automotive market, code named Project W22.

2014 – Wildcats busiest year to date, selling vehicles in no fewer than 16 different countries across five continents. In addition, Top Gear called upon Wildcat to work on their Series One Land Rover as part of their season 22 Defender tribute episode.

2013 – Launch of the Wildcat V8 Defender, selling out the initial limited edition production run to Defender aficionados worldwide. Invited by Top Gear to showcase our vehicles at Buckingham Palace as part of their tribute to British automobile manufacturing. Four Wildcats used by injured service men to complete the Dakar Rally as the Race2Recovery rally team.

2012 – Collaboration with Supacat to commence work on a ‘militarised’ Wildcat. Testing provided staggering results, with the vehicle ultimately evolving into what is now the MV-LSV. New engine and gearbox packages were introduced as standard, increasing power to more than 450 bhp. (Supacat have a pedigree in this field having supplied the British Army, US Special Forces and Australian SAS amongst others)

2011 – Launch of the Wildcat Experience day offering ‘paid-for’ rides in a Wildcat across bespoke rally stages.

2010 – Introduction of premium, comfort and entertainment packages to the Wildcat upgrade program, due to increased demand for road-going everyday Wildcats.

2009 – Wildcats capabilities demonstrated at the Autosport entertainment show within the indoor arena.

2007 – Engine, gearbox and chassis upgrades introduced in 2007 offering 30% more power, slicker gear changes and a stiffer lighter weight FIA chassis. What was to become a close affiliation with the military, Wildcat vehicles were trialled aboard HMS Bulwark.

2005 – Wildcat featured in Top Gear season 2, episode 1. While reviewing it Richard Hammond, overwhelmed with emotion, declared himself a “Driving God”.  

2003 -The first Wildcat Rally Raid vehicle rolled off the production line. 


Wildcat Automotive is growing organically, with the manufacture of our existing models, the Wildcat W1, our V8 Defender and Wildbear parts continuing to increase revenue and profitability.

However, developing and producing new vehicles is a costly exercise, and with the luxury vehicle market set for strong growth, we believe that now is the perfect time to grow our business more rapidly through investment.

In order to achieve our goals and take the business to the next level, we are raising funds to develop both new models, the W22 and MV-LSV from current prototype stage through to full production with a global launch in 2016. This will include funds being allocated to the following areas:

  • Research & Development
  • Type Approval & Vehicle Testing
  • 4 x Prototypes
  • Vehicle Productionisation & Assembly
  • Sales & Marketing
  • 2016 Vehicle Launch 
Contact Information:

Oliver Mitchell
Ian Mitchell
Mark Holland
Richard Haigh
Michael Hickman

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