THAT SALSA LADY: A mission to "Engage, Empower, Educate and Connect Families in a Manner which Creates, Healthier, Happier, More Productive Neighborhoods through Food" - iCrowdNewswire

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Jul 8, 2015 7:47 AM ET

THAT SALSA LADY: A mission to “Engage, Empower, Educate and Connect Families in a Manner which Creates, Healthier, Happier, More Productive Neighborhoods through Food”

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 8, 2015





Our Story:

The epiphany came after a sudden job loss. The problem: Though a few yards from a vital food source an urban garden was under utilized by the very residents it was so intended. Angela, our founder was a part of the initial stages of developing the garden, so it was especially disconcerting to witness how fresh fruit from raspberries to peaches and produce from tomatoes, cilantro, peppers and more withered away on the vine. Her solution: SALSA! Her daughter aka That Salsa Lady, though a teen, had been making delicious fresh salsa the family enjoyed for years. With a salsa garden a stone’s throw away and FREE she and her daughter spoke about the idea of a salsa company. The name derived in a matter of a few conversations in their tiny apartment kitchen. They figured if Martha Stewart can do it, a Milwaukee mother and daughter can too!

Our Approach:

With a mission to “Engage, Empower, Educate and Connect Families in a Manner which Creates, Healthier, Happier, More Productive Neighborhoods through Food” the TSL enterprise, a for profit entity, operates as a nonprofit; every dime of profit is reinvested into the company. Furthermore, because we believe in a level playing field and a burgeoning middle class, our articles demand a living wage be paid to all employees. Additionally, they also dictate no executive is to make more than 5x that of the lowest paid employee. We honor our customer, neighbors and our city by striving to provide fresh local selections made by local folks directly to urban food deserts via an alliance of existing and created networks. Our ultimate goal is to establish a revolutionary closed loop system. We begin with incorporating existing resources. Next we engage, returning veterans, women, minorities, food stamp recipients, public private resources and children-YES! Children! It is our contention, everyone becomes part of the solution. We lead by example. Our team is no exception. Currently our team is made up of 2 veterans, 1 is service disabled, 3 women, 4 children, all family. Our Youth Executive Staff aka Y.E.S. team consists of our youngest executives. From a 9 y/o Creative Director to our 12 y/o Sales Director, who was once in constant trouble; removed from no less than 4 different schools in 4 yrs, landed our largest account-The Manpower Group, we believe letting youth, especially young Black boys know they not only have options but can become the next great entrepreneurs. Purposefully engaging the diversity which is our planet, we sell most of our products at farmer’s markets. Currently participating in the Riverwest corridor, we added another in 2014 at the Garden District on South 6th at Howard Ave. We also participate in several summer events. Center Street Dazes is a fun one. Our favorite is the annual Harvest Day by Walnut Way on North Ave. It celebrates community, music and the harvest. Another is the little known Jazz n the Hood on 14th and Center streets. We love this one because it happens to be created by That Salsa Lady’s sister. We plan to triple our attendances by 2016. Because we believe in and value sustainable alliances, we have teamed up with existing entities from Alice’s Garden to Victory Garden Initiative, to bring fresh produce via our creations to those who least can afford or access it. Currently we have 2 plots at Alice’s Garden, located on 20th and Brown next door to the BG Club as well as 5 Plant Beds in 4 homeowner yards from Victory Garden Initiative. We are in talks with Martin Luther King Economic Development Group to acquire our 1st storefront helping us grow 10 fold & Vincent High School to utilize their land to enlist future agriculture entrepreneurs in learning and solving current food challenges as they learn the food business from the dirt up! We are part of Local First Milwaukee and Something Special From Wisconsin. We place the highest priority on making the least of us feel like the best of us- EVERY time.

Featured Products:

  • Urban Garden Salsa

    Originating from “The Hood”, this aptly named, Urban Garden Salsa is made from Fresh vegetables. It has award winning taste which cannot be beat! Like all of our selections, it also has web based recipes which help you utilize it in your daily meal planning from breakfast to snacks to dinner!


  • Say It Aint QueSo!

    Que-soooo you wondering what to do for dinner huh? TSL queso is derived from a blended cheddar cheese infused with fresh veggies. It comes smooth or chunky. People refer to it as “Crack”! Our staff refused cash they want QUESO! Try this golden goody with anything from grits, loaded baked or smashin’ potatoes, to chili cheese fries and oh yea, Nacho Momma’s salsa & Chips, this will have you feenin’ for more! Hey-Be sure to buy enough to last overnight cuz we aint taking calls at midnite…….. ;op


  • Guawka Flocka

    Made with avocado and blended with our urban garden salsa even those who claimed to dislike guacamole rave about ours!


  • The CHip CHick’s corn tortilla chips

    Created because no existing chip properly complements our selections. Light, aromatic and guilt free (as are most of our selections) our chips are made with a blend of healthy oils, spices and sea/kosher salt, these chips are hearty with a crunch heard round the “hood”! They go great with your favorite pce of chocolate too!


  • Cuke Juice

    Our cucumber water was a hit the moment it was introduced. On a whim, we decided to utilize our extra cukes slicing them into a 5 gallon tub of water we offered a cup for a quarter… people loved the refreshing treat so much EVERYONE OVER PAID! The rest is QUENCHED! This Juicin’ keeps you IN THE GAME COACH!


  • Flava Forward

    Our version of Suspended Coffee. Any one can pay for another to be discounted or supplied FREE of charge any selection. All the receiving person need do is accept the love.


  • Party Packs

    A variety of selections for groups as small as yourself and another or a flash mob x 2! With enough notice and tomatoes we can hook you up!


  • Garlic Chile

    No fear here! Garlic Lovers shall adore this lil diddy- it is made with tomatillos, lime and loads of Dracula flailin’ GARLIC!


  • Margarita/Tequila Margarita Salsa

    Be it straight-no chaser or Virgin-(without the Authentic Tequila), this crunchy salsa will make anyone say “relish-what?” Made with green tomatoes, garlic, peppers, lime and more, it is the Premiere Prom date for the lamest of taste buds…. Once you go green you won’t ever — naw we can’t think of a rhyme. But with this we don’t need it, the flava speaks for itself! No ID req’d-You feel’n us!?


  • FREE Delivery!

    YEP! We deliver to Where you are – EVEN TO YOUR CAR. Cops love that one. We found that folks in urban areas have access to plenty of things NOT good for them, so we figured why not deliver great stuff for FREE. Oh those outside the hood, we deliver to you too- just add a surcharge. Come on now, it’s affordable and worth the ride!



    Aaaaaah! The perks of being a small business! That is Wade, the TSL Mascot! Be sure to say hello when you see him!! That is if he is not checking biz stats!

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