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Jul 8, 2015 4:02 PM ET

St Mellitus Open Space: to transform the currently inaccessible and under used church garden area

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 8, 2015

St Mellitus Open Space


The Gardens have had to be locked due to anti-social behaviour which means that the space has been limited to solely church use, which is a loss to the wider community and not in line with the ethos of the church. Historically improvements have been made to this space, but the design now needs to be updated with the aim of eliminating antisocial behaviour and returning the space to community use. We are a small church with a big heart and just don’t have the resources to do this ourselves. If this garden could be open with adequate lighting provided and planted up in a very open way it would be a great community space.

It would be good for parents and carers waling across a very busy corner.
It would be a safe place for those using the zebra crossings
It would provide a clearer and safer view for all drivers approaching the corner
It would provide a resting place for older members of the community
It would make the church a much more accessible place for community events

What we’ll do:

  • Remove existing garden railings
  • Change the planting design – low level shrubs, grass, flowers, higher limbed trees, etc
  • Remove greenery and lay additional paving to meet natural desire lines through the gardens – e.g. to the bus stop
  • More paving on the corner of Church Road & Uxbridge Road for improved site lines
  • Install low-level, energy efficient lighting to enhance the look of the space and further improve personal security
  • Install suitable bike racks, designed seating, waste bins and other appropriate garden furniture
  • Remove greenery beside church near to bus stop to extend paving to garden to make it safer for all
  • Install power and water services to enable outdoor events
  • Improve the space along the side of the church and hall on Church Road
  • Renovate the facade of the church hall and make safe for community events using it
  • Resurface and redesign parking area behind church
  • redesign and add new notice boards for community use
  • light the front of the church with energy efficient flood lights to make it a really attractive space with character

Why it’s a great idea:

This relatively low-cost project will build upon some of the existing assets of the garden enabling everyone to enjoy this space in the heart of Hanwell.

The increased visibility by the zebra crossings will improve safety for motorists and pedestrians to compliment the recent road changes made by the council.

The improved garden design will directly alleviate the anti-social behaviour issues that have occurred in recent times by opening the space up to allow natural surveillance

This redesign will help the church to put on events for the benefit of the community

How we’ll get it done:

  • Some site clearance and small scale planting could be done by volunteers
  • Fence removal, paving works and lighting to be done by contractors
  • Design to be community led, with advice and support from a qualified landscape designer

We have a vision statement as a church to Reach the Heart of Hanwell. We are already providing a Food Bank, a Winter Night Shelter and lots of community events. We are part of a group of local churches that help run a Debt Counselling Service, a Crisis Pregnancy Centre, a Soup Kitchen for the Homeless and a Language School that is run in Elthorne School two nights each week.

Our desire is to be a resource and help to the community of which we are a part. We all live in the area and are committed to making a contribution to improving things as much as we can. We have invested in this garden before and it is a great sadness to us that it hasn’t become what we had hoped, for our community.

This grant would help us enormously as we as a church family seek to serve our community

Contact Information:

St Mellitus Church

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