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Jul 8, 2015 10:15 AM ET

Archived: BONTERA, INC.: builds, manages and leases single family houses

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 8, 2015


Our Company, Bontera, Inc., Organized in 2006, builds, manages and leases single family houses. It offers to investors the same loan that it offers to its bank. Each note series is on One House and is 70% or less Loan to Value and is a First Mortgage. If this is the type of interest and safety you desire and you are an accredited investor, contact us and you will receive an offering circular providing full details of the Offering. Each Offering Circular contains:

– Real Estate Appraisal of the house pledged as Security
– Insured Title Report
– Mortgagees Insurance Policy
– Insurance of the house
– HUD One Statement
– Exit Strategy and Options

Each series of Notes that we offer is secured by a first mortgage with a 70% LTV (Loan to Value) on a Single Family Residence that is leased and managed by our company. Your may invest in a One Year 5% Interest – Two Year 5 ½% – Three Year 6% – Four Year 6 ½% or Five Year 7% Term. Investments may be made in One Thousand Dollar Increments.


Products / Services

BONTERA HOMES Offers a Participation in a New Home in a single asset LLC 90% distribution

BONTERA HOMES A SERIES LLC, offers to investors participation of ownership of a newly built home. Estimated Inflation Growth Rate of 3% to a Growth Rate of 7% makes available to the investor a Compounded Annual return of 11.36 to 14.80% and for Five years a Total Return of17.60 to 20.86% depending on the inflationary growth. Bontera distributes at the time of sale 90% of all cash flow and profits.


Contact Information:

Roger Hebard

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