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Jul 7, 2015 10:02 AM ET

Archived: Talented New Yorker growing up in Slovakia: TO BECOME A PROFESSIONAL HOCKEY PLAYER.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 7, 2015

Talented New Yorker growing up in Slovakia

Hi to everyone.  

My name is Dominick, I will be 11 years old this October. I was born in New York, but since I was 3 years old I live in Slovakia in the famous hockey town Trencin, where this popular names as Hossa from Chicago Blackhawks, Chara from Boston, Gaborik from LA Kings and others come from. I go to a specialized primary school, which prepares young hockey players to become professional hockey players.


When I was 4 years old, I started to train an ice hockey. In that first moment I knew this would be my life. I love to play a hockey and hockey is my everything. Hockey is my number one sport and I will do everything what is in my power to work on me and to become a professional hockey player.


My ice hockey training club plan consists – 4 times an ice workouts per week plus 1 ice hockey match per week. An ice hockey training plan should develop a combination of aerobic power, strength and muscle bulk, explosive speed and power as well as good anaerobic endurance. One thing is certain, the game is certainly unique and I love it.  I want to work on myself each day and be better and better every week, this is how I can reach my goal, my dream…..


…. And this is why I want to have extra special trainings such as stickhandling, powerskating, skatemill (a skatemill is a practice utility machine for ice hockey players to improve their skating techniques, which is very important to achieve the level of skating ability to play) throughout the season. That means to have about 3 more hours of extra trainings per week, that is 120 hours of training per hockey season (hockey season is 10 months long).


In the season 2012/2013 I was chosen to play for older players, where I stand now as “the best player of the team”. In last season I experienced leadership in the total score.  In 22 matches I scored 21 times and I had 16 assists. And thru the years I was chosen as the best player of the tournaments many times. In 2014 I was picked to be a part of the team of the most successful selection of the youth players in Slovakia (HMS Select). I regularly receive invitations for tournaments and extra special trainings.


And this is what I would like to finance in the season 2015/2016:


Powerskating – 40 hrs x 10 EUR = 400 EUR per season

Stick handling – 40 hrs x 10 EUR = 400 EUR per season

Skatemill – 40 hrs x 10 EUR = 400 EUR per season


New protective gear (shoulder pads, shin pads, elbow pads, gloves) = 250 EUR

HMS Select – 6 tournaments x 180 EUR = 1080 EUR per season

Gaborik Camp – 2 x 350 EUR = 700 EUR per season


YOUR SUPPORT will give me opportunity to have extra special ice hockey trainings during season 2015/2016.  I will be able to participate tournaments and trainings with HMS Select team.

And the most important thing in my life – I will get a chance to work on myself and to fulfill my biggest dream…TO BECOME A PROFESSIONAL HOCKEY PLAYER.


Contact Information:

Dominick OLLE

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