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Jul 7, 2015 6:42 AM ET

Archived: Savvy Foods: a delicious and nutritious food source, designed as the perfect breakfast and snacking food and a much healthier sweet spread option

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 7, 2015

Savvy Foods

Savvy Foods

The Idea

Savvy is a delicious and nutritious food source, designed as the perfect breakfast and snacking food and a much healthier sweet spread option. We’re an ethical company and to the best of our knowledge the first tocombine carob and date syrups with sesame and other super-foods. We’re believe we’re providing a dynamic solution towards public demand for innovation in the sweet spreads market, as well as a seriously ailing national health. 

The Savvy range was inspired by a time-honoured sweet dip of tahini and carob syrup, which our founder Jonathan fell in love with while exploring Turkey in the ‘90’s. Carob (Ceratonia siliqua) was revered by many ancient cultures for its energy-enhancing and even medicinal properties.  He brought the recipe home, sharing it with friends and family led to experiments with other ingredients such as honey, spices, cocoa and dates and Savvy was born.

Our spreads rated well on a focus group studies conducted by Sheffield Business School*. Savvy Spreads are free from gluten, dairy and oils and have no added sugar. We use 100% natural ingredients because that’s the way we like it.

Savvy can be used anywhere as a spread from toast to the kids’ sandwiches as well as in porridge, on ice cream, in baking and straight off the spoon.  It’s currently available in three great flavours; our taste-award-winning Date, smooth and super Chocolate and our original Carob & Honey.

We believe that because of the way the natural ingredients work together, Savvy makes you feel fuller for longer, providing that important sustained energy release for our increasingly busy and active lifestyles.

Ethics & Health

Ethics are at the core of our business model and it is our aim to prove that compromise on integrity, price and taste, driven mostly by global markets, is responsible for the health epidemics we see today.  We firmly believe we can disrupt these dangerous trends and help address some of these problems.

We commissioned various reports in conjunction with Innovation Futures, Sheffield Hallam University and the National Centre of Excellence in Food Engineering, from nutritional testing to in-depth market research in a number of countries. 

Investment to Date

  • Business idea competition cash prize: £2,500
  • Start-up loan: £10,000
  • Personal investment: £10,000
  • Seed-fund investment for 32% of equity: £28,000
  • Growth Accelerator programme

Sales and Opportunities:

Already on sale in various countries and we have excellent commissioned reports for other territories. We’re in discussions to license the brand in Australia.

We beleive the combined export market is a large opportunity for us.  We designed Savvy to be very different to what are out there in the market. Although we are targeting the generally health conscious, it has proven an appeal to the specialist food sectors including diabetics, free-from and the growing aged populations.  

Achievements to date

  • In the UK we’re in discussions for a listing with Ocado from October 2015.
  • Savvy is sold in many independent stores across the UK, Ireland and Europe via our reps and major wholesalers such as Tree of Life, Suma and Health Store.
  • Minimum £10,000 annual contract with a large hamper company. 
  • In talks with other major retailers such as Holland & Barrett and Booths.  

We feel we are receiving strong interest at international trade shows and we’ll be conducting our first seminar about the return of carob at the London Health Show in January.  

We believe we have first-mover advantage and aim to dominate globally with the brand. To the best of our knowledge, we are the first company to harness and bring to the market these time-honoured and evolving recipes.



Contact Information:

Jonathan Drury
Katie Owens
Peter Roberts
Karen Perkins
Jim Szemeti
Paul Walters
James Lennon & Christina Lima

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