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Jul 7, 2015 2:23 PM ET

Archived: Help me solve healthcare’s thorniest problems using Big Data

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 7, 2015

Help me solve healthcare’s thorniest problems using Big Data



I’m Shikha Sharma, an aspiring Big Data Scientist.

Earlier this year, I made a successful application to Queen Mary University of London, to read for an MSc Big Data Science with Industrial Experience. Please refer programme and confirmation for admission in 2015-16 session for more details.

This is a course which explores in more depth the techniques of handling and analyzing different types of Big Data in different fields and this will help various organisations in decision making.

Why I am here

I’m raising £24,450 to pay for my MSc in Big Data Science at QMUL and which also includes part of living cost- please help me to help solve healthcare’s thorniest problems using big data analytics!

Why I need funds

·         The fees currently stand at £16,450  for one year (http://www.qmul.ac.uk/docs/tuitionfees/2015/140584.pdf)

See page number 13 of the above link.

QMUL has given me a grant of £2,000 and through my current job, I have been able to save £2,000.

I now need your help in raising the remaining amount of £24,450 which includes the living expenses for one year i.e £12000

To fully confirm my acceptance for the admission, I would need to pay my tuition fees up front, by 31 July. As I am an International student who requires a student visa in order to enter the UK therefore, I will need a CAS number from the University before I can apply for Visa from British High Commission, New Delhi, India. It would be better if there is a note on my CAS that I have paid my tuition fees in full as this will fulfill the first requirement of getting VISA. I should even have the money for living expense in UK for nine months period as this is another requirement of getting VISA.

Unfortunately, I don’t have sufficient funds, and funding opportunities for graduates are extremely limited these days. I am also not eligible to borrow this huge amount from the bank. Also, there is no one who could sponsor me.

Earlier Earned money went in vain

I was almost on death bed twice and my earnings went in paying medical bills and cost of hospitalization.

During my first Job, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Gland Carcinoma and doctors did complete-thyroidectomy for saving my life. I felt depressed but soon move ahead with inner strength and courage.

I have always aspired to reach new heights but after fighting through to a very conservative society and undue family pressure, I was unable to fulfill my ambitions and decided to get married.

Another big setback in my life occurred when I got diagnosed with Unilateral Congenital UPJ Obstruction during pregnancy. It was a really tough phase of my life and I struggled between life and death for almost a year. After my daughter was born then pyeloplasty was performed on my right kidney.

Now, my daughter is four years old and she will be accompanying me to the UK. I will also have to look for her school where she can study. Hence, leaving my rented home in India and relocating to London with the cost of flights, accommodation and living expenses it is certain to be a challenging time.

I want to devote my time to my daughter and career. I want to give her a good life.


About My work


I am presently working as a Consultant in India for UK based company but I do not have sufficient salary which will fund my studies and living expenses in the UK. My current salary is only sufficient for my living expenses in India.

My work is to support my company in introducing their biodegradable technologies to India and for that I carry out market research, write reports and blogs, monitor press, give presentations on various platforms, develop communication strategies, build contacts and regularly update databases.

I want to acquire big data analysis skills for professional and personal development. Hence, I am looking forward to getting a Masters degree in Big data analysis from QMUL.

Please see some of my blogs anti-counterfeiting technology, ocean garbage, why oxo-bio, plastic ban, andLUTS

Stress free life a key to fruitful life

I believe in Meditation, Spirituality, Yoga, Reiki, Daimoku and teachings of Nichiren daishonin Buddhism for handling stress and strain of everyday life. This practice gives me sound mental health. I believe that good mental health strengthens and supports our ability to have healthy relationship, make good life choices, maintains physical health & well being, handle the natural ups & downs of life and discover & grow towards our potential. I have also joined groups, and I am volunteering in local NGOs to help people with stress and depression. As I believe in “If you light a lantern for another, it will also brighten your way”.

Freelance SAS Trainer

I am also a Freelance SAS Trainer and I provide training in Base and Advanced SAS but since I don’t hold a Master degree in Big Data Science and due to a gap of some years in Analytical field, I am unable to fetch any full-time job for myself in the relevant field,which further give me motivation towards getting a masters degree in big data sciences.

My goal

·         My aspiration is to follow up the Post graduate degree with setting up of an Analytical Consultancy firm which will provide solutions for managing big data particularly in healthcare sector. As most areas of health care are in the early stages of using big data and advanced analytics. Exploiting them could measurably improve outcomes as well as generate significant additional revenues and profits. Please see : bcg_perspective

·         I also want to set up an Online Big data analysis training website in collaboration with UK’s leading universities which will provide free lectures through videos across globe. With this MSc and funding, I will not just help myself by up skilling but will also help the society in generating jobs.

·         After becoming Big Data Scientist, I will be using some amount of my earnings every month for cancer research charity organisation.

Why I need help

Although I am a very well-occupied person, unfortunately none of the three prongs of my existence (Consultant, Volunteering for social causes and SAS trainer) really earn me enough money. 

The fund represents to me an opportunity to fully focus my attention on the main objective of achieving the best I can in the Big Data Science analysis programme. 

All donations, even the smallest ones, would be highly appreciated. I am so excited by the prospect of doing this degree, and if enough people were to give a little something, I might actually be able to. 

Thank you in advance for anything you feel you can contribute. I will be eternally grateful!


Contact Information:

Shikha Sharma

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