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Jul 7, 2015 3:08 PM ET

Archived: 2Seeds Network – Kwakiliga Project: addresses extreme poverty in rural Africa by developing human capital

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 7, 2015

2Seeds Network: Kwakiliga Project

2Seeds Network has established eight development projects in rural communities across Tanzania. Each project invests in local human capital as a mechanism for enhancing food and income security. The projects use an incubator model to transform the agricultural activities that local partners are already doing and turn those activities into thriving businesses that generate profit. All eight projects are located in relative geographic proximity to each other and engage the agricultural value chain in different but complementary ways, enabling the projects to truly function as a network.

I will spend a year working on the Kwakiliga Project, a village located in the Handeni District. The farmers of Kwakiliga face many challenges, including scarce water, poor soil, and extreme summer heat. To address these challenges, the Kwakiliga Project focuses on diversifying income sources, improving access to competitive markets, and decreasing dependency on uncontrollable external factors, such as rainfall. More specifically, the Kwakiliga Project works through an integrated model that incorporates poultry keeping, crop production, reforestation, and water management.

I am not asking for your charity; I am asking for your investment in human capital and high impact development. Here are top reasons why it makes great sense to support my year with the Kwakiliga Project:

  • High Impact: The agriculture sector is the primary source of livelihood for roughly 65 percent of Africans. The sector represents 30-40 percent of Africa’s GDP. Roughly 90 percent of this production comes from smallholder farmers. Effective development interventions for Africa’s smallholder farmers has the potential to change the lives of millions, as well as the economic landscape for the continent.
  • Cost-Effective: On a minimal budget, 2Seeds is able to support 8 project, 260 smallholder farmers, 500 households, and 18 2Seeds Project Coordinators.
  • Transparency: Throughout my time with the Kwakiliga Project, I will maintain a blog with updates on the project’s progress. Further, my project partner and I will produce semi-annual investor reports that will be distributed to all our investors. This report will include a breakdown of our finances, monitoring and evaluation outcomes, and general analysis of the project. 
  • Donations = Direct Impact: 100% of your donations could toward supporting the Kwakiliga Project and my living expenses for the entire year that I am in-country. None of your money goes toward supporting the overhead of 2Seeds Network.  

Thank you for considering an investment that will support the Kwakiliga Project and my work as one of the project’s Coordinators. Please contact me at schneidewind.jimmy@gmail.com with any questions.

Contact Information:

Jimmy Schneidewind

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