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Jul 6, 2015 7:03 AM ET

The Ivory Company: Help The Ivory Company support the IFAW by protecting animals around the world

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 6, 2015

The Ivory Company

Company Details

We started The Ivory Company with just one thought “experience the color of life in its purest form” and as we thought more and
 more about it the more we got excited about creating a brand and business that would be based on using just one color — and
 the more we thought about this, the more appealing the concept of being all things “ivory” became.

 And from that simple idea came the notion of creating- The Ivory Company, LLC.

 You can either simplify things or make things complicated. Simple things, artistic, elegant and timeless, have enduring appeal
 and make lasting impressions. The same is true for color – Ivory is a magnificent color that has been revered since the dawn
 of time. Ivory represents things that are pure and the essence or core of things. Ivory is quintessentially classic and is the purest
 of colors infused with timeless, exotic and romantic images. That’s how nature intended it to be —

 We started our company with similar thoughts – Timeless, elegance and enduring value in a wild and colorful world.

 And just like every journey starts with the first step — every business is founded upon an idea or a dream. Our passion is to offer
 products that are beautifully curated and thoughtfully picked from around the world to bring you a well put together view on living
 spaces and home fashions — all in the color “ivory”. For us at The Ivory Company we took our inspiration from everyday things that
 could be elegant and as our guiding principle used the concept of “pure, un-expectedness and uniqueness” to heart in the way we
 present our brand and the products. For us this also means a quality experience for our customers across their entire experience
 of the brand.

 At The Ivory Company this also meant invoking the elegance and style of the past bringing to life old classic concepts at the same
 time creating instant new and modern classics. How exciting to be able to do this every day in creating a wonderful customer
 experience and at the same time using this passion to inspire us in our product development and design.

 We can tell you — now with some experience — that looking at any product and asking yourself the question –
 “and how would I create this in ivory?” — leads to some interesting possibilities. I am sure as you look through our carefully curated
 products you will feel some of the magic we have been creating in this discovery process.

 We look forward to serving you and hope that you will enjoy our products and the experience of receiving them in your home.
 From our home to yours with best wishes — Salut!

Contact Information:

The Ivory Company

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