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Jul 6, 2015 12:27 PM ET

Archived: The Crimson Claymore: Searon leads an army against the draeyks, including a mage, a kheshlar, and the wizard who froze him into submission.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 6, 2015

The Crimson Claymore


Novel > Fiction > Adult > Epic Fantasy

“Searon is bent on avenging his massacred family, but this can only be accomplished through the ramblings of a crazed, sarcastic wizard. When Searon refuses to help the wizard start a war, he gets frozen in a slab of orange ice. Desiring his freedom, he reluctantly agrees to the wizard’s plan to unite the humans and the immortal kheshlars to strike against the fierce draeyks. But humans are too corrupt to join an alliance and kheshlars are too stubborn. All of their hopes lie in the assistance of a lone kheshlar who fights the draeyks on a path to find her malevolent sister. At first Searon’s quest is all about revenge, but meeting new allies forces him to search his soul. He soon realizes that he’s not the only one who’s suffered from the claws of the draeyks. Convincing the kheshlars proves to be more difficult than the wizard initially envisioned, and without an alliance between kheshlars and men, the entire land of Calthoria is at stake. Searon will stop at nothing to keep his new friends safe, even if it means sacrificing himself to prove his worth.”


I am struggling hard to achieving my dream of being a published author. I have put a short story on Amazon titled, “The Mage and the Freckled Frog.” I also have most of my work available for free to read on Wattpad, the free app you can read from on your computer, Facebook, apple, and android. On Wattpad I have over 6,000 followers and on this novel, “The Crimson Claymore” I have over 2.5 Million reads, 17,000 votes, and over 1,000 comments. I was featured on the website as well, and for an epic fantasy, those stats are spectacular. Most of the users on that app are teenage girls, so the fact that I was able to stand out with an epic fantasy is awesome.


I have a strong following of my series, this novel, “The Crimson Claymore” being the first in the series. I have completed the prequel, “The Chronicles of Starlyn” and the sequel “The Obsidian Arrow”. I am currently writing book 3 in the series, but have been slower with it. I am focusing on beginning my publishing journey.


I have the stories, I have 4 complete manuscripts finished and ready, but what I don’t have is the money to have them professionally edited and covers designed. I plan to self-publish all of them. I have already tried searching for agents, but haven’t gotten anywhere with them. I already have the fan base, I just need to get my work edited so I can bring a professional product to those fans, and build more fans.


I love to write and have dreamt of being nothing else growing up. I work full time and have a family, and that makes writing very hard. I hope to fund enough money to get my finished works off the ground with editing and cover design. If I can get all of my work out there, I can focus on writing new work and marketing what I already have to continue building my audience and hopefully be able to write full time.


If you are interested in fiction, especially fantasy, I would be happy for you to take a look at what I have. You can find me on my website www.CraigAPrice.com & on Wattpad at www.wattpad.com/user/CraigAPrice – my rough works are available for free, and I hope with your help I will be able to bring in an editor and cover designer and begin my long awaited journey. I love the fans I already have, and will continue to love my new ones. I know I have something here with my novels, and all I need is your help to bring my dream to a reality.




Contact Information:

Craig A. Price Jr.

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