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Archived: TASTE MAKERS BY TRISH P: Taste Makers is a socially conscious brand that uses fashion as a platform for change and awareness. Do Good. Feel Good. Look Good

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Help SAVE THE BEES and launch our Spring/Summer 2016 Collection!                                             Pre-order Limited Edition styles ONLY AVAILABLE ON KICKSTARTER!

We begin by picking a theme based on an environmental or a social cause that can benefit from awareness. Over the last 2 seasons this has involved partnering with organizations or experts such as the Honey Bee Centre. After learning about the loss of the world’s bee population, we decided to make a difference by using fashion as a platform to raise awareness about the problem. This gave rise to the even larger idea: grow our brand with this as our mission and be able to give back to the causes that inspire each collection.

Our Mission is to:

Start a conversation about conscious fashion and expand our business to support a wider range of causes and lifestyle collections. Create a demand for conscious fashion within the fashion industry.

Plan of Action :

Over the last year we have organically grown our business by working with boutiques in North America. We produce samples, our sales representative then sells the concept pieces to the boutiques and then we produce the orders. We do not retail online, as we feel that it strengthens our relationships with independent boutiques who are currently struggling to compete with big box stores.This has been a slow and steady strategy and we have had good success with this process.

We are doing kickstarter because we need to sell and produce enough inventory to kickstart the charity component of our brand and give back to the causes that we have centred our designs around. We will also be able to offer new styles and designs.

To make this happen, we’ll need to raise $18,000 by July 2015, so we have designed a specialty collection only available to backers of this campaign! As you may know, if a Kickstarter campaign’s financial goal isn’t met, the project won’t be funded. HELP US GROW AND GIVE!

Download:     Press Release      Press Photos

We offer standard sizes XS-XL. You will be able to select your size and print options once the project has been funded. We will send our backers a form to select size and color choices. Our styles are adjustable and have room for size variation.

  • The ink we use is 100% biodegradable and the paper used in the process is recycled or re-purposed
  • For all full print garments we use small local factories or we employ local woman who were veterans in the garment industry.
  • The fabrics are completely free of any animal products, and the bulk of the fabrics are either natural fibers or recycled polyester.

FROM TRISH: “Each collection starts with some serious research! When I decide on a theme and cause I reach out to experts who can give me some insight and direction. Then I start by taking photographs of the environment and the subject of the given theme. For the bee collections, I got a chance to suit up and get into the hives, interacting with the bees and the honey farmers directly. Once the photographs are done, I create digital paintings that we use for garment prints!”

Check out how we merge fashion with philanthropy.  10% of the net proceeds from this campaign will be donated to the Bee World Project. If this campaign gets funded, our next collection will focus on ocean life and have a charity component that will raise awareness and funds for an ocean related organization.



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Taste Makers By Trish P

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