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Jul 6, 2015 7:55 AM ET

Archived: QOMUTY: expand the growing phenomena of community reporting through social involvement

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 6, 2015


Qomuty, an Israeli based company, will significantly expand the growing phenomena of community reporting through social involvement. To date, this approach to instantaneous reporting is a hodgepodge of difficult apps, confusing sites and little or no incentive for citizens. Qomuty’s App allows citizens to record issues or events via a geo-tagged and time stamped video or still and to submit it quickly and easily to a local municipality, county or favorite news outlet. Utilizing our proprietary algorithm we provide news outlets with enriched demographic information as well as location, angles and time the video or still was taken. In addition, we plan to elicit participation by local merchants who will offer coupons to reward citizens for their input. The benefits include:
• A more efficient process for the news outlets to categorize the news worthiness of the story.
• A less expensive news gathering process for news outlets
• Social participation and community involvement encouraged by city authorities and local merchants.
• An incentive for citizens to participate in the process.
• A much easier and intuitive method of reporting the event.

There are currently a number of smal apps providing tools for the reporting of events and news. With the event reporting to municipalities the total number of users worldwide is estimated to be about 500K. However, the number of events being reported is pitifully low. Most of these apps are poorly designed, lack functionality and a friendly interface.

Qomuty’s management team is comprised of individuals with extensive experience in start-up development, SW design, algorithmic development and graphic design.

We are seeking $2.25 million to roll out the product in North America, Europe and Israel. We anticipate generating a little over $17 million in net revenue by year end 3. We anticipate a sale price for the company of $66 million.


Products / Services

Qomuty Event Reporting System

Qomuty empowers and rewards social involvement at the community level by bringing together the citizen, municipalities, news outlets, and merchants.

Qomuty provides citizens (i.e. users) the means to report and track hazards, faulty environment issues, or any newsworthy events. Recording these events/issues via geo-tagged/time stamped videos or stills and submitting it to the city, news outlets, or any other entity. Qomuty enables the city’s merchants and vendors to reward the citizen for their civic activity, by giving them a voucher for each submission. This will enhance and in doing so, advertise the local merchants’ products and services. Using Qomuty’s proprietary Diagnostic and Analytic Algorithm, the news outlets receive an event reports compilation, the report recipient, be it a news channel, gains up to the minute events’ reports, as they occur. Qomuty’s Algorithm recognizes, groups, and categorizes the different events reports submitted by multiple Qomuty users.

Contact Information:

Andres Kukawaka
Kfir Sasson
Ron Oz
Olga Volter

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