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Jul 6, 2015 3:52 PM ET

Archived: Barrier1: Intelligent Threat Management in Real Time

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 6, 2015



Intelligent Threat Management in Real Time


Cyber attacks are growing more and more difficult to detect and prevent. Gone are the days of simple, individual attacks — today, attacks work on multiple levels and mutate to avoid detection. Barrier1 utilizes patent-pending Intelligent Threat Management (ITM) to identify and stop cyber attacks in real time.

Our hardware/software solution has been tested against the leading brands and proven more effective, accurate, faster and affordable in every case. Our ITM solution is suited for organizations ranging from 10 seats or devices to 100,000 and beyond.


In the early days of the internet, cyber attacks were individualized and used a very limited number of attack vectors, the internet was slower, and the uses of the internet were relatively new. This is when the large, well-known brands got their start — and this is what their technology is based on. The common practice was to:

  1. Find and attack,
  2. Analyze it,
  3. Figure out a way to stop it,
  4. Put the fix on a distribution list and send it out.

That worked for a while. However, times are changing and so are attacks. Cyber criminals today figure out ways to learn how the target is protected, and ways to get around that protection. They now use design mutations in order to avoid identification, and utilize an array of ever-changing techniques to accomplish their mission. Techniques are more sophisticated than ever, using 3rd party software (including Microsoft Office, Adobe and QuickTime), social networking platforms and clouds to deliver their attacks. As a result, cyber threats are growing at an alarming rate, changing rapidly from disruptive to destructive, leaving existing well-known solutions racing to keep up — and failing.


Barrier1 launched their innovative ITM technology in 2005, under The Barrier Group, LLC. In 2009 Barrier1 was established as a Minnesota LLC. Barrier1 is a disruptor. The very aspect of its designed has challenged the establishment. That key design factor was using Intelligence/Big Data and Real Time desicion making. Barrier1 has accomplished what normally happens in a Series A round, such as proof of concept, gaining customers, retaining customers, winning against the well known brands, customer longevity, live case studies.  We have validated superior results from a number of 3rd party sources on cash flow basis. Barrier1 has accomplished a number of significant milestones of which a few have been listed below.

ITM has been field tested on live networks against all well-known brands on the market. Testing has been done with a vast number of environments and conditions. In addition, Barrier1 has been tested in hacker challenges — and proved more effective, affordable, accurate and faster in every instance.

Named a MN Cup Finalist in 2008

Named a Teckne Finalist 2011

Won two years in a row both 2012 & 2013 SC Magazine Industry Innovator of the Year.  Please see the link for more info: SC Magazine Article

Gained over 100 customers in 16 states and product in 2 countries and tested in 4 countries

Customer churn is around 5% annualized per year, while the
market benchmark is 12%

Secured a number of category and market trademarks, including 
Intelligent Threat Management and Clientless NAC, getting us closer to our goal of owning the category

In final stage of securing IP — patent examiner reported 99% probability
and completion

Recently filed for another patent (DDOS), with several more in the works


Barrier1’s ITM technology uses Intelligence. By using the very essence of the definition of “Intelligence” such as Listening, Learning, Remembering, Predicting, and Reacting within microseconds, Barrier1 is able to identify not only the known attacks but the never before seen or mutated attacks that every other vendor misses.

Barrier1 analyzes each individual attack by using algorithms that feed a real time AARE (Advanced Analytical Reactive Engine) that is on board all Barrier1 devices. This approach accurately and effectively identifies the known attacks and the unknown cyber attacks.

All cyber attacks display clues and attributes during reconnaissance activity and a full fledge attack. Barrier1 takes these clues and attributes from the known events and applies them to the advanced layered algorithms. The algorithms of our own design are tuned for effectiveness, accuracy, and speed. This information is able to identify and then block not only the known but the unknown cyber attacks with extraordinary accuracy in real time. Next, with the advanced system architecture designed by Barrier1 will be able to inspect, analyze, and react within 11 Microseconds. This allows a far superior and safer user experience. Barrier1 is the only network security company designed to use intelligence and algorithms in real time and the edge.

ITM inspects all traffic, all traffic types, all inbound and outbound data utilizing multiple sensors to detect and block cyber attacks as they happen. Barrier1’s Intelligent Threat Management is leading the market using a Listen, Learn, Remember, Predict and React approach that is completely unique to the industry. In addition to the cyber inspection and protection features, Barrier1 has installed various other components (such as a “network sniffer”) that adds greater visibility to the ever growing and encompassing network. Barrier1 placement within a network is a great location to analyze all raw and packaged data, thus uniquely positioned to get to the root cause — quickly. Routing functions are included. This allows a Barrier1 to act as an edge router. The features in the routing function will allow the customer to use multiple ISP and routes for a redundant and robust network design. Our customer report using Barrier1 routing instead of a standard Cisco router and other network security components, shows the customer internal speed was increased by a large factor.

The purchase of an ITM system includes our hardware platform, tuned for speed and various options of software components. These components can be purchased initially or at a later date. The pricing model is a “Flat Rate Model” and therefore not dependent on a per seat arrangement. Included in the pricing is Hardware support, software support, advanced technical support, training, and one full Network Vulnerability scan per customer each year.  Access to technical support includes access to Level III technical skilled individuals who are available within 3 rings and with no time restrictions on the number of calls. Barrier1 Technical Support Goal is to seek root cause.

Currently security accounts for 15% of the $80B government budget — and the existing solutions simply aren’t working. Barrier1 presents a solution for schools, enterprises, government bodies, healthcare organizations, financial entities and any other organization ranging from 10 to 100,000 or more devices.



has over 25 years experience in networking, previously holding positions with Timeplex, Digi International, Qwest, Onvoy. He launched a division and sold first multi-million dollar T-1 to Northwest Airlines and Cray, among others.He also formed a strategic partnership with all RBOCS in North America and Microsoft.

designed Barrier1. He has over 20 years of experience in networking and network security, having served as Data General with government security clearances. He was also a GE CIO of a $3B division with 14,000 seats.


Barrier1 Advisory Board

International and IT Strategy  

Sean Nelipinath has held Key C Level-Executive Roles in:

  • Leadership, Business Strategy & intelligence, Branding, and others
  • IT Technology
  • Research and Analysis

Cyber Research

Mathew Harmon holds the following certifications:

  • CSEC, GCIH, GCIA, CISSP, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor
  • SANS Security Community Instructor
  • Participates as SC 31 Liason to JTC
  • Member ISO Technical Board

Mr. Harmon is a Board Member of:

  • Midwest Security Alliance
  • Co-Chair UMSA Education Committee
  • President ISC2 Twin City Chapter

Previously Sr. Security Engineer for:

  • Wells Fargo
  • Mitre
  • Blanski,Peter, Kronlage
  • National Donor Program

Public Relations

Dan Chmielewski, Principal, is a member of PRSA Orange County Chapter


  • 2013 InfoSecurity PR Team of the Year
  • 2012 Info Security Guide Security PR of of Year
  • 2010 Golden Bridge Award

Clients past and present have included:

NetBox, Data Locker, Scripted.com, Array Networks, Lieberman Software, DeviceLock, Shavlick, CipherCloud, Breach Security, Data Key, and many others

Federal Government and Finance

Rajjie Sarmey

  • Academy of Business Strategy, ABS Global
  • Pentagon Federal Credit Union
  • Federal Reserve IT
  • US Bank
  • Verizon
Contact Information:

Jim Libersky
Rob Demopoulos

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