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Jul 5, 2015 2:45 PM ET

Struggle with luxury and poverty: We know how to overcome people’s desire for luxuries once and for all

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 5, 2015

Struggle with luxury and poverty



Production of luxury items, like a cancer, eating up vital resources of mankind.   Luxury corrupts man: BBC: The downsides of being rich

Luxury completely useless, since it is only a symbol of the social importance of the person, but the imperfection of the social structure of civilization makes us spend on its production the vast of labor and material resources.

The international organization OXFAM offers fight with luxury and poverty by higher taxes on luxury. Is it really smart and effective?

Value of luxury in its exclusivity. Raising the tax on luxury we do it less accessible and thus makes it more attractive to the rich, and thus contributing to the improvement of investment in their production… OXFAM: luxury goods market continues to flourish, registering double digit growth each and every year

We know how to overcome people’s desire for luxuries once and for all.
We do not need any educational or training programs, and no useless taxes.   In order to overcome the luxury, we must first understand what kind of function it performs in the life of a person, and then find it cheaper substitutes.
Luxury perform a single, but very important for the human being function – to visually demonstrate the social importance of its owner. That is, it is a symbol of social status.

And here is the solution:
Expensive material symbols should be replaced with cheap virtual symbols, which can be regular figures generated by computer technology (more information can be found in a special article about luxury: Luxury and its impact on society, or in the more detailed and main article: Make this World a better place
This number can become a symbol – capable of replacing all the luxury goods.   A great deal of varied information could go into the determination of this number: the amount of money earned, the level of education, work experience, the number of inventions and innovations, scientific papers, etc. This will make it possible to give a more precise assessment of a person and facilitate the development of qualities useful for society as a whole. A high number will confer all sorts of advantages on its owner: access to an assortment of different tools (from simple tools and workshops up through research laboratories, institutes, factories and plants, publishers, etc., depending on a person’s education, experience, etc.), certain rights and privileges, as well as respect, prestige, and the corresponding sexual attractiveness.   In the electronic age, would not be difficult to make a person’s number visible and conspicuous to everyone nearby.

An important note: The new value system does not include any coercion. Each person will decide on his own whether he would rather strive to obtain luxury or instead receive an electronically-generated number that could open the gates to new opportunities.

Rejection of material symbols and the transition to the digital equivalent will release huge resources vital civilization, will greatly enhance the quality of life, repeatedly accelerate the development of science and technology.

WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF A NEW TYPE OF SOCIETY? 1.    Civilization will free up considerable resources previously used to produce luxury goods as status symbols.
2.    Instead of the uncontrolled and endless hoarding of money which ends up being turned into symbols of wealth and success, people will have other priorities: inventiveness, science, technology, art, culture, and education.
3.    Resources not used for luxury will be used for scientific and technological progress. This will automatically elevate the well-being of all humanity and the standard of living of all segments of the population, reducing the gulf between the wealthiest and the poorest and helping to increase leisure time.
4.    A change in values and primary objectives will make crime senseless, as money acquired by illegal means will not so easily create a favorable position in society (through the purchase of status symbols). The importance of a person, his or her access to tools and physical protection will be formed, above all, on the basis of socially useful achievements, taking into account only legally earned money and a person’s real merits.
5.    The new values will change people’s worldview, molding a new, more rational, wholesome and thoughtful state of mind. Symbols, conventions, and external forms will lose their previous value, giving way to knowledge and elevating in people’s consciousness the importance of essence rather than form and external appearance. For example, racial and ethnic prejudices will become a thing of the past.

We need money to develop the idea deeper and make it more understandable and accessible to a wide range of people. To do this we need to create a Web site – a platform able to unite like-minded enthusiasts ready to support, develop and help to incarnate this project in life. For this stage we need $ 12000.00  This amount includes payment for work of programmers and designers. The development of thematic structure of the website and for the advertising.

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Suren Ter-Avakian

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