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Jul 4, 2015 1:53 PM ET

CREATIV Bringing the Best of Creativity to the Digital and Print World

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 4, 2015


Bringing the Best of Creativity to the Digital and Print World


Welcome to CREATIV, the next-generation media company that’s revolutionizing how creative content—and the people behind it—are discovered and shared.

CREATIV is where social media and print media collide.

With the online platform and CREATIV Magazine print publication, we bring together the best that the digital and print worlds have to offer to create the ultimate environment where creative pioneers, entrepreneurs, explorers, artists, and changemakers can come together, discover, and share stories about creative content (photos, audio, and videos).

Hundreds of thousands of readers have already discovered CREATIV and the over 250,000+ pieces of content our creator community has created and uploaded to the site. And with new offerings in the works and some exciting new partnerships on the horizon, this is just the beginning of CREATIV’s quest to pioneer a new age of storytelling, inspiration, and discovery in the digital world and beyond.

Interested in learning more about the CREATIV vision? Read on to learn more about who we are and what we’re about, and be sure to request access to the Business Plan page of this profile for a behind-the-scenes look at CREATIV and our mission to reinvent media once and for all!


There’s no denying that the internet has revolutionized the way we experience media. From who creates content to what kinds of content are created to how that content gets discovered, the internet has opened doors, broadened horizons, and leveled the playing field in all sorts of exciting and transformative ways.

But at CREATIV, we still see some places where content creation and discovery could be improved – especially when it comes to ways to share and spread the entire spectrum of human creativity.

Think about it: the internet is huge. The spectrum of human creativity is huge. There are billions of pieces of creative content, all jockeying for your attention. How do you know where to go for inspiration? And, just as important, when you’re an innovator or idea enthusiast — whether it’s an entrepreneur, a designer, a writer, and so on — how do you get your work in front of the audience you’ve created it to touch? 

At CREATIV, we’re making it our mission to provide exactly that — and pioneer the next stage in media evolution in the process. 


At CREATIV, we believe creativity is the energy behind change, and the most precious resource that human beings have. That’s why we’re making it our mission to create new pathways for creators everywhere to discover and share the content and stories that inspire them every day.

CREATIV is a totally revolutionary take on media, and the ultimate platform for discovery. It’s a place where creative pioneers of all kinds can come togehter and: 

DISCOVER compelling stories surrounding amazing creative content from around the world every day online and in print

CONNECT with like-minded people who share their passion for catalzying curiosity and empowering creativity  

SHARE stories about their content and get recognized


The CREATIV universe consists of two main projects — the website and the CREATIV print publication — that come together to form the ultimate media ecosystem for creativity to flourish and spread. 

CREATIV.COM is the heart of the CREATIV network. It’s social media with a purpose: a community where people share the stories behind their creative content. 

CREATIV Magazine 
CREATIV Magazine is CREATIV’s print publication, where we publish the most compelling stories and content from our online community and beyond. Dedicated to sharing the best in adventure, art, culture, and innovation, CREATIV Magazine is distributed bi-monthly and sold around the world.  


CREATIV was founded in 2012. We’ve made some incredible progress since then, and it’s all momentum building toward even bigger and better things to come! 

While we’re on the subject of numbers, here are a few more that help paint a picture of the incredible things CREATIV has achieved:

And the numbers are just the beginning of the CREATIV success story. 

We have great inbound business development partnerships with some of the leading names in media, marketing, distribution, circulation, advertising, creative content curation, and storytelling.

On the back end, CREATIV has a development tech team that works with us exclusively to develop and build out our technology. For publishing, CREATIV has partnerships with local vendors to meet all print production demands. 

CREATIV has made some incredible progress so far, and this is just the beginning of the CREATIV vision. For more insight into the future of CREATIV and how you can help make it happen, please request access to the Business Plan page of this Fundable profile.


CREATIV is helmed by a team of creative pioneers and experienced business professionals.

With leadership experience at Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Gore, Omnimount, and other great companies at the forefront of innovation, the CREATIV team has the perfect blend of industry insight, experience, and vision to lead the CREATIV revolution and pioneer a new age of media innovation.

Brad Thomas,
Co-Founder & CEO

CREATIV Co-Founder and CEO Brad Thomas was born into a creative and entrepreneurial family. His father started a successful freight company in the mid-80s, and Brad spent time with his father at the office, where he learned the basic fundamentals of starting and running a self-sustaining organization. But it wasn’t until later, after teaching and working as a network administrator for a large startup in Scottsdale, that Brad made the decision to follow in his father’s footsteps and live the life of an entrepreneur himself. In 2003, he started the world’s first singles site for little people, which he sold in 2005 before moving on to lead the e-commerce division of Vociti Technologies, a tech company developing highly sophisticated hands-free navigation and media player systems. It was while at Vociti that Brad began to envision the concept of creating an online community that would allow people to share creativity and inspiration. In 2010, Brad met Blake, and after discovering their shared passion for creativity, CREATIV was born. 

Blake Brinker,
Co-Founder & President

CREATIV Co-Founder and President Blake Brinker was encouraged from an early age to be creative, to listen, and to pursue his passions. In his early years, he traveled with his father, where he experienced the art of negotiating business deals and partnerships. Blake studied world history, symbolism, philosophy, and human potential throughout his teen years, and was on his way to medical school in 2010 when Blake met Brad, and their idea emerged that changed everything. A couple of months later, Blake dropped out of medical school to start CREATIV, a tech/media venture dedicated to providing a global platform for people to discover and share great stories surrounding the entire spectrum of human creativity. Blake looks forward to a lifetime of entrepreneurship and giving back through planned philanthropic ventures including sacred site preservation and providing entrepreneurship grants and workshops to young people throughout the world.

Paige Zeigler,
COO & Managing Editor

By her eary teens, CREATIV COO and Managing Editor Paige Zeigler was already working for AOL. After finishing college, she went on to work for Google, then started her own media company, which she exited from before joining CREATIV. 


Alex Cyrell,
Managing Director & Publishing Director

CREATIV Managing Director and Publishing Director Alex Cyrell has founded and ran numerous successful companies in media, music, distribution, and hardware sectors for the last 40 years, bringing great wisdom and experience to the team. 

Contact Information:

Brad Thomas
Blake Brinker
Paige Zeigler
Alex Cyrell

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