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Jul 3, 2015 2:50 PM ET

Archived: SOME GIRLS’ MOTHERS: about Grace, a ten year old piano player enamored with her friend’s mom and her record collection

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 3, 2015



This short film is based on a story that Dayla wrote and shared with Colin before they were husband and wife. Colin instantly identified with the story and saw it as a short film.  Like the main character, both Dayla and Colin had experiences as children admiring a few of their friends’ parents who they deemed more exciting than their own. This short film portrays the significance of spontaneous moments kids have with adults that happen to form their taste and style.


Some Girls’ Mothers is a short film about Grace, a ten-year old budding piano player enamored with her friend’s mom, Jessica, and her prized record collection. Before ever meeting Jessica in person, Grace puts her on a pedestal based on two things she has that her own mother doesn’t, a home with a pool and eclectic taste in music. Grace is only allowed to frequent her friend’s comfortable home under the condition that she practice piano using their Baby Grand. However, Grace continuously blows off practice in order to listen to Jessica’s records while she’s away at work. Her friend is aware that Grace has been listening to her mom’s off-limits record collection but she doesn’t know that she’s been sneaking them into her backpack. One afternoon when Jessica is unexpectedly home, Grace must figure out how to return the records without anyone knowing. While pondering and waiting for the right moment to slip them back on the shelf, she befriends Jessica, growing evermore captivated with her. Grace begins to draw comparisons between Jessica and her own mother, whom she deems ordinary.  Faced with the reality that there won’t be an opportune moment to sneak back in the records she’s taken, Grace tells Jessica the truth about her daily thieving and disregard for practicing the piano. She attempts to justify her actions by saying she’s just looking for inspiration and a sound that speaks to her. Grace has high hopes that honesty will buy her a chance to borrow more records in the future. Instead, Jessica reprimands Grace, much like her own mother would and drives her home early. Grace assumes she’ll never be able to borrow another record from her and that the connection with Jessica is lost. However, on the drive home Jessica and Grace have a nice moment together and are able to connect over the Mix CD in her car.


Dayla and Colin have success through past projects on Vimeo reaching wide audiences as Staff Picks and subsequently being picked up by blogs and sites. However, we are also considering the festival circuit before releasing the Some Girls’ Mothers online.


Contact Information:

Marc Ritzema
Stacy Cunningham

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