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Jul 3, 2015 3:02 PM ET

Archived: Grooming our Future Leaders: The key ingredients to develop our future leaders

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 3, 2015

Grooming our Future Leaders

The story of the project

As a working Mom, I am directly affected by the lack of afterschool programs to aid preteens.  I believed if I waited a few months perhaps things would change. It didn’t, and I found myself having to make adjustments to my work schedule and eventually finding a new job altogether, in order to ensure my preteen son made it home safely.  Upbringing taught me where there’s a need, one must fill it.  So here I am, after numerous months of research and mentoring and after exhausting all of my savings, but not my passion, drive or commitment. After conducting a brief survey, parents relayed they would welcome an afterschool program if one were available, while students were very detailed concerning the types of activities they would want.  Our program will be on-site at Holcomb Bridge Middle School in Roswell, Georgia, and offers Anime, Coding, Robotics, Horticulture, Physical Fitness, Sign Language, Coping and Life Skills.  The key ingredients to develop our future leaders.  Please understand the impact your assistance will make and how grateful we are for your help!

How the funds will be used

$5,000 is needed for:
a) 25% down payment for Liability Insurance ($500)
b) 25% down payment for Worker’s Compensation Insurance ($500)
c) $350 to pay for space at the local Recreation Center (Community Event to spread the word about our Grand Opening)
b) $650 to pay first month’s rent (allows us time to accumulate first month’s profit from tuition)
e) $300 needed for snacks/light meals for the students for the first month (subsequent months we can receive partial reimbursement from a government agency)
f) $300 to purchase used equipment for physical fitness
h) $1550 for first month’s payroll supporting a total of 8 Staff including 4 Instructors
i) $850 to apply for 501c3 status (which makes us eligible to receive much needed grants & funding) 

Some of my other work

This process has been and continues to be a labor of love.  My background is mainly consulting within the Legal, Medical and Financial fields, involving IT in one way or another.  In addition, creativity has always been at the core of who I am and how I work.  Most recently, I worked several years for an educational software company which exposed me to the Common Core Standards and Digital Curriculum; very fitting for what I’m about to do. Sleep is fleeting because there’s so much training: Conflict Management, Certification classes, Business Management, HR Policies, Customer Service training, meetings with mentors, learning middle school state guidelines; I can easily name more but I’m sure you get the picture.  I’m also a Mom with a preteen, so I understand this journey completely.  Best of all, I like to be silly and have fun.  That trait is what we want to impart to our students, that it’s perfectly okay to be you, and bask in it! Lastly, I’m part of a great team with folks that truly care and give their all.  We also have advisors with years of experience in education and executive management that we refer to for guidance on curriculum and business structure, respectively.


Part of the research performed involved coming up with a contingency plan and alternate location.  Risk Management Training was done to eliminate as much risk as possible, with safety at the forefront.  We’ll be operating on-site at the middle school, thereby cutting additional costs, such as utilities. The Community Event will help spread the word as much as possible before middle school re-opens.  This is especially promising, because the middle school has approximately 800+ students, with over 1/3rd in 6th grade alone. We’re anticipating a minimum of 30 students at our afterschool, with a maximum of several hundred.  We’re hopeful as parents expressed their desire to have a high quality, fun, yet affordable afterschool program. Consistent training is a requirement for all employees, up to 10 hours per year.  It’s vitally important we stay informed and in the know as we take our responsibility seriously.  As a non-profit, we’ll be giving back to the community and supporting other businesses and causes. We have a business mentor and fully understood it doesn’t stop once the business opens, but will continue, to ensure longevity.  We’re excited about being able to offer such a wonderful opportunity to an underserved sector in our community. 
Contact Information:

Latissya Speller

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