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Jul 2, 2015 12:00 AM ET

Archived: Worlds First Laser Radar DSLR Camera Trigger

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 2, 2015

Introducing AEO FireFly Laser Radar Shutter Trigger for DSLR Cameras….

FireFly is the world’s first truly integrated Laser DSLR Camera Trigger for capturing action shots of objects passing through a “Line in Space”. Imagine being able to place a segment of invisible string anywhere in space. Make it any length you want (up to 10 meters). Now point your camera at that same spot in space. Anything passing through your line will automatically trigger your cameras shutter, allowing you to capture the perfect action shot!

FireFly is like no other “laser trigger” on the market. Unlike other so called “laser triggers” that require a separate pen laser aimed precisely into a sensor, FireFly’s laser is built into the unit. Additionally, the FireFly laser is an Eye-Safe, Invisible Infrared Laser, making it both ideal and completely safe for human subject photography.

FireFly also incorporates a built-in Laser Range Finder allowing the user to program “active segments” along the projected laser line.  Only objects passing through these “Hot” segments will activate your cameras shutter.  Objects outside the programmed segment are ignored.

Applications include Wedding, Sports, and Nature Photography.


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