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Jul 2, 2015 5:29 PM ET

Archived: Words Reflected Children’s Literature Kim Bogren Owen

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 2, 2015

Words Reflected Children’s Literature Kim Bogren Owen


After years of writing and thinking about publishing, I am finally hoping with your support to publish the first 2, Orchids and Art Parts, out of 8 books I have written. My books introduce children to concepts, vocabulary, and beauty that nurtures their developing brains and encourages them to interact with the book. Science and art are two areas I am passionate about and with your support these books will help promote interest in those subjects in young children.

As a parent, I know that ideas for what to do next to keep your child busy are always welcome and needed! At the end of each of these books there are ideas for parents or teachers to use to expand on children’s learning and vocabulary, as well as ideas for everyday activities do with children.


When my daughter was a teenager she fell in love with orchids, and started photographing them at home. Soon she was dragging me (OK, I go willingly) to orchid shows and stores.  As I learned more about these amazing plants and marveled at their beauty, I kept seeing a book in them.  Finally, the words came to match Amber’s photos and Orchids was born.  This book features simple sentences  that describe orchids, and introduce concepts about plants and orchids.

Orchids introduces children to the amazing diversity of orchids, while linking it back to the diversity within people so that children can relate to their experience.  As the adult and children explore the pictures and concepts in the book, their curiosity and interest in orchids and other living things will be nurtured.  Simple science concepts, such as pollination and symmetry, are introduced in this book and can be used as  jumping off point to explore these and other science concepts in their world. 

“Like people, orchids come in all shapes and sizes,
Some have leaves the reach for the sun,
Others have leaves that hug the ground . . . “


While working with young children, I loved art and would introduce children to various types of art. For example, I would show the children samples of pointillism and then add cotton swabs to the art center so they could make their own “dot paintings” or add a vase of flowers for them to create a still life. Although, not every child accepted the invitation (some children simply had different interests) many did, and I watched as their creativity blossomed. The book, Art Parts, hopes to capture the love of creating children have and expand on it by introducing the elements of art. 

The majority of the art in this book was done by children that I taught.  I have been able to reconnect with several of them through this project, and it is an honor to see the wonderful, successful, and active adults they have become.  Most are now in their late 20s to give you a hint at my age!  They will receive 3% of the profits from the sale of this book so that they are paid for their work, even if it was done at age 2 or 3!

This book is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 8. It includes blank pages where children can experiment with the different elements of art, and keep their masterpieces making the book a keepsake to treasure.

 “Art is Lines. Straight lines, Curvy lines, Narrow lines,  Wide lines.
Use this page to draw your own lines.
Art is Shapes. Circle shapes, Rectangle shapes, Triangle shapes, Odd shapes.”

The Budget

Printing= $12,900
This amount covers the cost of printing 2000 hardcover copies of each book (a total of 4000), as well as the cost of shipping, customs, obtaining an ISBN number, and other fees associated with printing. 

Layout and editing: $1,400
This will cover the cost of typesetting, layout, and editing which is being done by one of the young students, Darin Grassman, I used to teach and babysit.  Darin has several years experience in publishing and printing, and is bringing her expertise to this project. She is, also, one of the young artists whose work is included in Art Parts.

Marketing= $3,500
This amount covers mailings to school districts, art teachers and studios, plant stores, child care centers, and book stores announcing the books.  It, also, includes website support and giveaways. 

Legal= $1,700
This money will go towards consultation with an attorney around contracting, copyright issues, etc.

Total Funding= $19.500

The Long Term Plan

This funding will allow me to cover the costs of publishing and marketing books for one year so that I can use the majority of the funds I earn from these 2 books towards publishing the other 6 books I have authored. Four of those are around the 4 elements and are being done in conjunction with another photographer friend, Karina Wetherbee.  One the last 2 books is about the Anasazi and the other is about what do when the lights are out.  Both these books are completed and I am in the process of finding artists to complete their illustrations. 

Any money that is raised over the requested amount for the first two books will go towards printing the rest of the books.  If the reverse happens, I will look for additional funding through other sources, such as loans, or scale back the project.  However, I am confident with supporters such as you, I will be able to raise the entire amount for my campaign.

Special Thanks

I would like to thank the following people and organization without whom this project could not have even gotten this far:

Thank you to Emerald City Orchids, Seattle Orchids, and the University of WashingtonDouglas Research Conservatory for allowing us to use their orchids as models for the book.

In addition, I want to thank Emerald City Orchids for donating an orchid to be used in a drawing for those who contribute to this campaign.

And to the Northwest Orchid Society for allowing me to speak at one of their meetings about this project. 

And to all the friends who have read and reread my books and this campaign giving me feedback. These individuals include Donna Weatherwax, Joey Parr, Joyce Kinney, Stacey Cook-LaPointe, Andrea Dobbins-Badot, and Anna DeMartino, and Melody Sanders Johnson.

And to my mother, Jeanette Bogren, for all her wisdom and support.

Contact Information:

Kim Bogren Owen
Jeanette Bogren

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