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Jul 2, 2015 12:10 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Jul 2, 2015





Inspired by real-life relationships with my own “Gay Husbands” (a.k.a: gay best friends), The Benefits of Gusbandry brings to life Jackie and River – two one-of-a-kind characters approaching 40 and follows them as they find something special in one another, navigating the modern world with a no-punches-pulled comedic purview, and finding true love in a most unexpectedly platonic way.


Ever since my first bout of High School heartbreak, I have had Gusbands – a sweet gay man (or boy) to let me cry on his shoulder, wreak havoc, take vacations and champagne brunch with.  There is something magical about the relationship between a woman and a gay man, that any woman with an LTG (long term Gusband) will tell you is ESSENTIAL to her life and general happiness.  It seems obvious to me, but when I talk about Gusbands more often than not I get a quizzical stare and questions about polygamy.  


There is NO current television show that represents the gay male/female bestie relationship in a fresh and no-holds barred comedic way.  Yes, we were weaned on network toned down sit-com Will and Grace, and found hope in Looking before it was cancelled, but for as common as Gusbands are in real-life, there is a pitiful amount of contemporary representation in the media.  The Benefits of Gusbandry will take advantage of the DIY aspect of the web series format to deliver a fresh and uncensored comedic take on this relationship through bite-size episodes perfect for binge-watching in traffic, on your phone or in bed while avoiding work.  




The spark of inspiration for The Benefits of Gusbandry eluded me until I came under the spell of an obviously targeted Facebook Ad (I forgive them) for the Rebel Heart Filmmaking Workshop, a two day intensive led by the badass writer/director Diane Bell and her partner Chris Byrne.  On a last minute whim, I enrolled, and by the end of the two days I left with the following things rattling through my brain: DON’T LEAVE PORTLAND, THE STORY IS INSIDE YOU, VULNERABILITY IS EVERYTHING. So, I decided to make something that plumbed a subject matter near and dear to my heart – the relationship between me and my Gusbands.  Though I have been prone to serial Gusbandry since High School (as I mentioned), its the relationship with my current Guz  – Lago that really inspired the series.  Our recent “Goneymoon” to Thailand, endless insane nights out on the town,  all the amazing meals he cooks for me, the manic “shit’-shopping” he does on the toilet that has resulted in many stylish accoutrement.  Maybe it was all those couples massages in Thailand that got me thinking…  What started as a hashtag of pride on the many instagram pix I posted of our adventures – #TheBenefitsofGusbandry inspired the stories I now get to share with you in The Benefits of Gusbandry.



The first season of The Benefits of Gusbandry will be made up of Six 8-12 minute episodes.  Our initial budget request of $25K will cover Pre-Production and Post-Production for the first 3 episodes.  Check out the Wish List to see a detailed breakdown.  We are making this on a very tight budget with ALL cast and crew on the same day rate.  



With a bit of magic fairy dust we hope to exceed that initial amount and make our stretch goals!   If not,  we will likely crowdfund for 2nd half in the Fall.



Love is so gay.


At her debaucherous 40th birthday party, serial relationship-killer JACKIE meets handsome and charming 30-something RIVER.Their ensuing adventures in self-medication, late-blooming, and questionable judgment lead them to discover a raucous new kind of “significant otherness”.


The Benefits of Gusbandry’s first season is made up of a six episode arc that introduces Jackie and River to one another and follows their developing relationship through a host of real-life inspired situations and slices of life with a no punches pulled comedic edge. Inspired by creator Alicia J. Rose’s own relationships with current and past “Gay Husbands”, this series will explore the blossoming chemistry between Jackie and River, the notion of “the new 40” and the benefits of allowing true love and support to develop from an unexpected primary relationship.


Season one of The Benefits of Gusbandry takes us on a broad but always intimate plot curve — from Jackie’s stoned realization at her bawdy 40th birthday party that she’s been pretending to be 23 all along — to her cocaine-dusted front porch encounter with gallant and successful River (the man of her dreams) and their immediate and undeniable connection. As they get to know each other during their first date, the talk turns to stinging social critique, revealing River’s true orientation — he’s gay. Despite trying to drown her sorrows at first, Jackie’s bond with River is solidified by a series of highly entertaining adventures and mishaps.  This modern day take on significant-otherness has something to say about everything — from trading places in the dating world, suffering public humiliation together, meeting the parents, to sperm donations, weed deals gone wrong — and all kinds of raucous fun in between.





The pilot episode of The Benefits of Gusbandry is confirmed for a terrestrial premiere at the September 2015 Portland Film Festival (!!!).  This high-profile festival premiere will launch a week of free viewing followed by Video On Demand release via Vimeo, YouTube, Seed and Spark and other non-exclusive VOD platforms.  VOD will be followed by releasing to online retail platforms such as iTunes, Verizon, Fios, and other EST platforms.


Multiple fundraising and premiere parties will further expand our fan base. A strong social media presence and ongoing in-house PR to local, national and LGBTQ press outlets will help further our cause.


We will be contracting a publicist to do PR for our series launch as well as aligning The Benefits of Gusbandry with high profile online partners for the premiere and future “teaser premieres” of all 6 episodes.


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