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Jul 2, 2015 2:11 PM ET

Archived: Moving into the new age of Sensory Stimulation Sitting

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 2, 2015

Press Release


2nd July 2015

Sebastian Cannon

Dream Synergy Designs


Moving into the new age of Sensory Stimulation Sitting

‘New innovation project heralds the sky wide open for active lifestyle sitting.’

“The potential positive benefits are huge. Think consistent daily activity and sensory awakening.” Says Sebastian Cannon, inventor and designer of the Cloud Bubbles series of elastic active sitting chairs. “We use a phenomenon which we call OSEA, to stimulate body movement, regenerate momentum, enhance balance and good posture and consistently awaken and invigorate our senses.”

The outcome of adopting such devices could have enormous positive effects in fields where sensory stimulation are key, such as with therapies relating to Autism, ADHD, physical rehabilitation and mental health. The impact on our education systems could too be greatly felt, influencing major health issues like obesity, diabetes and general health and wellness for children not to mention a large proportion of the working world.

“We are changing our perspective with regards to daily sitting practises and that’s a good thing.”  Says Sebastian.  “Moving away from the idea that it’s not just about being supported and sitting up straight for some of the time.  We are learning that we can actually use our sitting time as an oppertunity to practice good health through active sitting, subtle balancing, stretching and stimulating our senses.”

There is no denying that chairs are one of humankind’s most utilised material objects. Billions of people use them every day all across the world in every walk of life. Health-wise, the importance of how we sit and use our chairs is enormous and it has been well studied that too much static sitting like many of us practise is a key factor in a multitude of health issues.

“In the future, active sitting is an integral part of our daily lives,” says Beata Tworek, co-designer and co-founder of Dream Synergy Designs, the company leading the Cloud Bubbles project. “The active sitting social movement has been growing for decades. People relate to the idea because it’s founded on a simple truth, that stimulating our senses and stretching and moving our bodies is better for us than what most of us practise daily right now.

“What Cloud Bubbles do is offer something new to the world of dynamic chair design. We call it OSEA, or outer sphere elastic aura and it’s a simple phenomenon which provides many benefits. The chairs act on this simple elastic principle of tension and flexible resistance to regenerate the energy we use whilst sitting and stimulate the body in activeness. The phenomena also enables dynamic back supports which move with our bodies as we move.”

Dream Synergy Design state that they have spent close to five years developing and testing their dynamic series of active posture chairs to catapult popular social practices of sitting into the future.

However, Sebastian suggests that to lead a truly healthy lifestyle, our sedentary habits have to change, highlighting the necessity that we should definitely be actively standing much more in place of sitting. “There is no chair that can fix the sedentary health issue. We need to re-learn our natural higher level of activeness and consistent body awareness. We have developed a culture where sitting statically for most of the day is commonplace, accepted and often unwittingly enforced upon us.

“Luckily we are now rapidly learning and encouraging the idea that a lot of our daily tasks can be efficiently and enjoyably achieved away from the chair and that we can integrate active sitting and sensory awakening practises in between. That’s the choice I see being made by our more health aware rising generations and inevitably it will be the choice made by our future generations, that’s just evolution.”

So with the world now heading for a population rising to around 8 billion in the next ten years and a mass of us moving to cities in that same time frame, is now the perfect time for the global shift towards active sitting to get moving?

To find out more, please visit our website at: https://www.originalCloudBubbles.com

Or contact Sebastian Cannon directly at:



Telephone: +44 (0)7522274968


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Contact Information:

contact Sebastian Cannon directly at:
Telephone: +44 (0)7522274968

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