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Jul 2, 2015 2:49 PM ET

Archived: Famellies: Elephants – a solution to keep them safe

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 2, 2015


Elephant Collaring Project Team's Photo

Elephant Collaring Project Team's Photo


Elephant Collaring Project Team's Photo

Elephant Collaring Project Team's Photo

Elephant Collaring Project Team's Photo



#Famellies @Famellies2015

Elephants love their families as much as we do. 

They are emotional creatures, who delight at a birth, grieve at a death, and play with joy and intelligence. 

There are now just 200 left in Virunga. 

The good news is that they’ve found a solution to keep them safe. Just one radio tracking collar can protect a whole elephant family by significantly increasing the effectiveness of dedicated ranger patrols, keeping them close enough to prevent poachers from approaching and enabling fast responses to threat.

In 5 weeks’ time, Save the Elephants’ Iain Douglas Hamilton is flying over with 5 collars. 
We would love to buy ten more collars so we can protect the remaining elephant families. We can do it with your help.

$120,000 will allow the tracking of ten Virunga elephant families for three years, using ten professionally-fitted collars to provide satellite-linked monitoring 24/7. 
It will also enable deploy specially trained rangers to provide the elephants with close security around the clock.

This will allow Virunga to help their elephant families  roam safely and freely on the savannahs, in the hope that one day, elephants will once again dominate the park’s grasslands. To learn more about the crucially important work being done in Virunga, visit www.virunga.org

Thank you so much, on behalf of Virunga’s elephant families, for your help in protecting them.


About the team:

A few of us got together because we learned some more about Virunga’s elephants: 90% losses due to the 20 years’ war, and poachers targeting them as we speak.

They’re adorable, lovable, and hugely under threat. So, a small team of us wanted to do more than watch it happen.

We’ve got 5 weeks to raise enough to buy 10 elephant collars, because we think that  safeguarding the wildlife in Africa’s oldest national park for future generations to come is important.

If you think so too, join us.

The Famellies Project Team 

Beautiful photography ©Wolf Ademeit 

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