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Jul 2, 2015 8:04 EST

Delta Shaver Company, Inc: Shave Responsibly…Evolve Attractively

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 2, 2015

Delta Shaver Company, Inc

Delta Shaver Company, Inc



Delta Shaver Company, Inc. was created to develop, market and sell its proprietary/patent pending “lotion in the handle” all-in-one shaving systems that combines razor and waterless shaving lotion into one easy to use, carry and store device.

Since 9/11, travel within and outside of the United States has been fraught by TSA restrictions, carry-on limitations making air travel cumbersome and time consuming. Lost, forgotten or unknowingly used up toiletries are difficult, inconvenient or expensive to replace. And, making matters worse is the fact that we are now being asked to modify our morning grooming rituals to assist with the water conservation efforts in many of the worst hit drought states.

Enter Evolution4 and Evolution6. Our shavers are TSA compliant, come filled with luxurious waterless shaving cream (that can be rubbed into the skin as a conditioner when finished shaving), are absolutely portable and can be used to shave even from your seat on the plane without any mess at all.

Evolution4 and Evolution6 let you pack like a pro and shave like you were standing in front of your bathroom mirror.

Contact Information:

Steven Kurzet

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