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Jul 1, 2015 1:36 PM ET

The First eCall Wearable Device for Kids & Others: eCall + Tracking Device for those who need you more – Your Kids, Grandpas, Dependent people

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 1, 2015

The First eCall Wearable Device for Kids & Others

Don’t let them be alone

The smartest way to look after your loved ones at all times, and to be automatically informed if anything ever happens to them.

A wide range of ultra-modern wearables and software solutions designed to guarantee the safety of your people; Children, Grands, Dependents, Pets and also your most valuable stuff.


The Challenge


The Solution

A state-of-the-art way to combine top-notch technology with the smartest methodology to build today the wearables of tomorrow.

A security device that will alert you in real time that someone you love needs you. It’ll tell you the exact position of the incident so you may act before it’s too late.

Whether walking or in a vehicle, if you suffer an accident, don’t panic, we’ll know in real time where to find you.

And for the little ones… switch on the Water fall alarm and stop losing your nerves in swimming pools and beaches.

A pioneering vision with a global approach to create a real solution for the people who looks after other people.



With three independent localization systems (GPS, GSM & RADAR) and a Quad Band 2G module to guarantee connectivity wherever you are, you’ll be able to find everyone and everything you may be looking for in real time.


This technology together with the best and more advanced automated alert system, it will give you the peace of mind that you ever want it.


This is Pkids.


Because the best security is the one you can’t see.



Different fears for different moments in life


Perfect for Summer or if you are close to water

Switch on the Water fall alarm and stop losing your nerves in swimming pools and beaches.



Whether walking or in a vehicle, if you suffer an accident, don’t panic, we’ll know in real time where to find you.





An eCall system is not a simple way to locate the people you care about, it is a system able to alert you in real-time if something happens to them.

Some of the possible alerts that you could configure are: In the coming days we’ll be adding a complete set of video tutorials about all these features. As an introduction to this guide, please find below the first video.


Multiple GEOFENCE Zone Configuration

A geofence is a is a feature in a software program that uses the GPS to define a geographical boundaries (a virtual perimeter).

There are many practical uses. For example, a user can set up alerts so when a child leaves the school grounds, the parents receive a notification with the exact location as long as with the option to switch on an active tracking over the child.

The Bracelet in detail


Adjust your band with the different positions for three sizes.

  1. Slide the end of the strap through the Pkid.
  2. Insert the pin, and slide the end of the strap through the loop.
  3. Slide the loop toward the end of the strap.






Give your child the space and time to learn about freedom… without having to grant it yet!



PKIDs works without the need of Data Plans within a range of 60 meters thanks to its Bluetooth technology.


Do you need a bigger range? What about the whole world? Then, you need data.
Design your own plan from a single month up to 2 whole years.




Plug & Play

How do I use my pKids




 APP Compatibility


iPhone® 4s/5/5c/5s/6/6 Plus
iPod® touch 5
iPad® 3/4/Air/mini
OS 7 & above
Android 4.3 and above


Why are we doing it?

The origins of the idea date back to March 2013 when my 3 years old son got lost for almost an hour in a mall close to our house.

After freaking out for several days, I was telling the story to a few friends, we all agree that it had to be something to avoid these situations. Some people however, claim that they didn’t want just another locator, they wanted a solution to help them to know when something was going wrong, an accident, a fall into the swimming pool… and also to allow their kids to tell them if they need help.

The problem was that there wasn’t anything like that, at least nothing wearable, lightweight, comfy and affordable.

So, that’s how we started.

After that, we realized that there’re a lot of people with similar problems, not only children, the population of elderly people is growing year after year, unfortunately many of them living alone (exposed to many potential risks), and an increasing percentage with some kind of dementia.

Of course, there are many other uses, pets, valuable stuff, bikes…

Javier, june 24th 2015
A worried dad (and a son!) looking for solutions


Risks, Challenges & Funds

When we first wrote down all the sophisticated features that we wanted to be part of our device, we felt the fear of not been able to accomplish our task, we got to understand what “risk” really means, however we accepted the challenge!

No doubt, it was risky designing a wearable so full of technical innovations and micro-sized electronics, something so new that there was no road map or blueprint for us to go off of

At that time we knew a few things about technology, apps and management but unfortunately we did not know much about crowdfunding… because of that, and because we really believed in our idea and the team behind it, we invested all our savings in developing the first and only eCall device for people.

Nowadays we have already finished and successfully tested all our devices, so we have got to reduce the many risks we started with, to almost just one, the minimum-order-quantity. This is why we need funding of no less than €30.000. Every additional cent it will allow us to scale down the manufacturing costs, and therefore it will contribute to the further development of amazing new features like:

 •     Medical measurements capabilities
 •     Reduce battery size while increasing its capacity and life
 •     Developing a full set of activity tracking features
 •     Introducing new materials (ie; Graphene)

Our biggest challenge is to build today the wearables of tomorrow, and make your world a safer place. With your help we can do it! 

We want you to be the first to get your hands on PKid and we want you to share your feedback and comments. This way, we will be able to finalize our first production.

We can’t wait to see what we accomplish together.

Thank you for your support!


More than one device

Multiple designs for multiple uses, your people, your pet, your most valuable things… take control over your whole life from a single device.



Make your Business Stand Out

Part of a bigger group? Stand out from the crowd

Get as many bands as you need personalized with your own design, logo, colors…

If you are with a collective or association, PlanetUs give you peace of mind from the distance, being a unique value for:



Contact Information:

Javier Alemán
David Garcia
Michael Salas
Paloma Ruiz
Mario Torija

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