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Jul 1, 2015 11:27 AM ET

Archived: Sandra – The Shameless Chef: When is the last time you ate something and had to take a second to regroup?

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 1, 2015
Personal Story

Hi everyone!

My name is Sandie Diamond aka The Shameless Chef.
I was born and raised outside of Los Angeles, CA and caught the Potomac fever about 2 years ago and have been settling into my community here in Washington, DC ever since.

In 2014, I completed my master’s degree in social work and worked at a local domestic violence shelter. This past winter, I was on a temporary leave of absence and started baking to help pass the time.

After all of the amazing feedback from the folks I shared these treats with, I decided to listen to their suggestions, and follow my entrepreneurial spirit.
The best part is that these ‘dreambites…’ were born out of a kitchen where I was once told by a former partner that I could not bake, and now I get to share the joy with others.

One of my dreams is to create jobs for folks within our community that have struggled with self-sufficiency and independence. Your support will help to make this dream a reality, and we can add employees to continue to grow our business!

Thank you!

Business Description


It’s simple:

When is the last time you ate something and had to take a second to regroup?

Well my friends, I am happy to introduce you to ‘dreambites…’

This is our spin on the traditional cake ball.

These super moist bites are made daily, in small batches, hand rolled and dipped with tons of love, and not an ounce of shame. ‘dreambites…’ were crafted with you in mind. They are made for the person on the go, that has a sweet tooth and are willing to set aside their shame by owning it!

‘dreambites…’ were designed to be popped right in to your mouth, and typically devoured within one or two bites.

They are definitely a crowd favorite and can be presented in a variety of ways.

We are also rolling out a larger size (the cake bomb); which can be shared or hoarded…it just depends on who is hosting the occasion. And by occasion, we mean: morning, noon or night. They are an ideal treat when you just cannot bear to shell out $3.00 for one dry, over frosted cupcake or are looking to switch up your guilty pleasure.

Enjoy the love and joy that ‘dreambites…’ can bring to your life!

If you don’t love them, then let us know, we are not satisfied unless you are too.

We have discovered that one ‘dreambite…’ is never enough, so it’s your choice to share or hoard.

‘dreambites…’ are the cake that kisses you back!

A portion of each sale will be donated towards local DC Charities. We believe that without community we are lost. We also believe that we cannot keep everything we receive, so share the love and help another smile.

The Shameless Chef

What is the purpose of this loan?

A loan of $5,000 will allow for the following:

·Purchasing bulk ingredients to cover inbound orders ($1000)
·Purchasing kitchen supplies – food processor ($220), hand mixer ($80), tempering machine ($500), cake pans ($200)
·Purchasing baking tools – cooling racks, frosting tips, die cutters, spatulas, bowls, etc. ($300)
·Purchasing nutrition information labels and inventory barcodes ($350)
·Marketing and branding – logo design, website design, domain hosting ($500)
·Packaging – plastic containers, branded stickers, impulse heat sealer, catering platters, etc. ($850)
·Part-time employee(s) ($1000)

This loan will fortify the business as it ramps up from special-order fulfillment to full-time production and distribution. Orders have already increased significantly in the span of a few weeks, following our induction into the Union Kitchen. Funding will insure that new business development does not exceed our production capabilities through the end of the year.

Contact Information:

Sandie Diamond

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