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Jul 1, 2015 5:39 PM ET

Rhino Man: If Rhinos Could Sing, what song would they be singing, what would they ask for…

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 1, 2015

Rhino Man

If Rhinos Could Sing, what song would they be singing, what would they ask for……..

The Harsh Reality As of today, every 7 hours in South Africa, a Rhino is massacred! Last year saw a record number of recorded poached rhinos – 1215. This is an exponential increase in Rhino killings which means just one thing…. if we are unable to prevent the increasing slaughter of rhinos, they are predicted to become extinct in the wild within the next 5 years.

There are many people and organizations involved in trying to combat this travesty….. and yet the Rhinoceros population continues to decline at an alarming rate. 

Why is this happening? The Rhino horn is falsely believed to possess healing and aphrodesiacal properties which are as yet scientifically unfounded. And even if this were the case, are there not  other medicines that address these ailments effectively and thus eliminate the need for such barbaric killing? In effect the perpetrators of these crimes are those that control the supply chain and distribution of the rhino horn. …..the poachers who do the dirty work usually do it for a pittance as they are desperate for money. Who could possibly have the right to reach into another continent’s heart and decimate one of its most prized and beautiful assets? Can we reverse this travesty?

Given that global awareness, education and involvement is essential to saving the Rhino from extinction and given that music is a powerful and extensive medium for communicating with people, Paul Lindenberg has written a song for this purpose.  It is intended to both increase global awareness of the Rhino’s plight and help to generate the revenue that is critical to financing their survival!  This revenue will be funneled to two organizations that work tirelessly to save the Rhino;  the Southern African Wildlife College and the Global Conservation Corps, a US based  non-profit 501(c)3 organization(status pending).  

If Rhinos could sing, they may well sing the song entitled “the Rhino Man” as it is a tribute to these Rhino Warriors…..the Field Rangers…. who put their own lives on the line to save them from extinction.  In this way they pay homage to these “Rhinomen” (their warriors and protectors). The song’s success requires the best possible recording and mixing which would also involve having a group of these Field Rangers from various parts of Africa participating in the choral component of the song. Additionally they would participate in the filming of a music video and subsequent documentary being donated by Friendly Human which would highlight the struggles, challenges and successes that rangers face on a daily basis.

The Field Rangers’ involvement in this production is so important as the song highlights their dedication and commitment to the cause. It also helps create an emotional connection between themselves, the target audience and the Rhinos that they protect. Their voices evoke the beautiful rythm and heartbeat that is unique to Africa. This funding appeal is first and foremost to cover the costs of recording and producing the song and video, transportation of artists and camera crew and promotion.  Every single contribution…..no matter how small…..will translate into making ALL THE DIFFERENCE and definitively reverse what currently appears irreversible! 

The song is currently being recorded in Hawaii (where Paul Thomas Lindenberg resides). On nearing completion, Paul and the Friendly Human film crew will depart for South Africa on the 2nd August, 2015 to complete recording and filming with a group of the Field Rangers…… 67 of them to be precise! 

The first objective is to get the song and video produced.  Second….as the music video is introduced into the market and awareness grows and spreads, people around the world will be able to contribute directly to the cause as well as gain knowledge of this shameful destruction.

The music video (and documentary) would be placed with networks and organizations across the broadest geographical spectrum….. including communities in close proximity to the parks and reserves where the poaching occurs as well as to communities/ countries where the consumption of the rhino horn takes place.

How can you help? Saving of the Rhino is everyone’s responsibility and privilege. It is our objective…our mission… to provide people with such an opportunity to make a difference.  Wherever you may be on this planet the Rhino’s continued existence depends on your involvement in some way, shape or form!  We hope your conscience, your sense of doing something important and worthwhile, will motivate you to participate.  This is a massive undertaking….and it requires massive support. Any contribution you make is greatly appreciated. To show thanks for your support, anyone that donates $75 USD or more will receive varying gifts and or perks.

Please remember that with every hour that passes, more Rhinos are being destroyed…..we don’t have much time!   We sincerely thank you for your support!             


Contact Information:

Matthew Lindenberg

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