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Jul 1, 2015 6:43 PM ET

Re-open Levenhall Community Store

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 1, 2015

Re-open Levenhall Community Store

Re-open Levenhall Community Store


Why the Levenhall store?

Ian Wood, the previous proprietor, had successfully run the Levenhall Store for nearly twelve years but due to uncertain economic pressures, the Post Office had decided to move its facilities to a new location. This major move coincided with his announcement to retire. 

Ferhan Ashiq, a local community councillor, living amongst the East Lothian community for nearly 28 years, and a passing patron off the store, saw an opportunity to bring back the only store in Levenhall to its full glory. One of his central goals was a commitment to help alleviate local unemployment levels by creating seven new jobs. Using his experiences gained from operating a successful Day-Today (Redburn Road) store in Prestonpans, he has created a vision of a potentially award wining, economically viable entity that the local community can and will be proud off.


Initial Brief

The initial brief off the project was simple, fulfilling two major aims: keep a low carbon footprint and source local produce as much as possible. Not only is the low carbon foothprint a benefit to the planet, through the uses of energy efficient fridges and LED lighting, it also comes with a secondary benefit off keeping the bills down to a minimum. It was decided early on in the project to keep as much off the raw period aspects of the property to that end one off the sandstone walls will be treated and left exposed. The local community will see instant changes to the exterior off the store by the building off a new shopfront giving it a more rustic community feel as well as raising the profile off the local area.



What we are doing with the funds?

The funds we are raising will be used to purchase

  • Two 2m Tron Energy Efficient Fridges which would be used to store fresh local butchers meat as well as dairy products and fresh fruit/vegetables.
  • A 3 tier Walls Ice cream freezer will be bought.  
  • A brand new ceiling will be hung with LED lighting to continue with our energy efficient theme.
  • A hot food serve over counter will be installed to cater for the early morning trade-run into work.
  • Air/Conditioning will be installed that will warm the place over the winter and cool it in the summer and make it a pleasant place for our staff to work within.
  • Every effort will be made to re-store the original flooring, though should that not be possible, funds will be allocated to fit a new R-Tek wood effect vinyl flooring to the retail area. 
  • One off the two existing walls will be removed to extend the store further (this would make it more economically viable)
  • Their will be a new ATM installed inside the store.
  • Woodwork/Ancillaries have been earmarked for the remainder off the monies


The below is a proposed floorplan off what the final product will look like.




Contact Information:

Ferhan Ashiq

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