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Jul 1, 2015 1:09 PM ET

Archived: Hygenia LLC UV C Light hand sanitizers w/video ad screen w/ Digital Coupon Delive

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 1, 2015

Hygenia LLC

UV C Light hand sanitizers w/video ad screen w/ Digital Coupon Delive

The Hygenia UV-C Germicidal Light Hand Sanitizer is a free-standing interactive display that simultaneously removes 99.9% of germs,bacteria and viruses from your hands and displays timely advertising or new product information.

As consumers enter restaurants, grocery stores, etc., they prefer UV-C sanitizers as they are quick and leave behind no trash or residue. Through the attached 18.5” Android tablet, they also see daily specials and other pieces of cost-saving advertising.

Businesses prefer our UV-C sanitizer as it is a green, cost-saving, cool, multifunctional turnkey solution for advertising, entertainment, and education. Through the sleek, secure, and visually appealing package, you can inform, educate, persuade, entertain, communicate, and interact with your customers. You can engage them with fresh, new, timely, convenient and relevant information while promoting health and cleanliness through UV-C hand sanitization.

Hygenia is stopping the spread of germs, one tablet at a time.


There are many ways to pick up the particles of infectious diseases when we frequent places where others congregate or pass through. The best way to cut down on the odds of being infected is to keep your hands clean when entering or leaving an area where there have been a lot of people.

It takes 20 seconds to appropriately wash your hands—getting in between your fingers, getting on top of your knuckles, getting under your nail bed with at least one swoop each time with a lot of soap on, and then rinsing.

The problem is: no one actually does this before going into the grocery store, entering the airport, getting on a bus, eating at a restaurant, or going to the mall.

And let’s be honest — what incentive do the stores have in keeping them stocked? They cost money to replace so frequently and most of the time, the wipes just end up on the floor causing a mess.

Additionally, the ads on many of these sanitizing stations are static cardboard and are only changed every few months. Meaning, even if the ad is not working well, it will sit there, being ineffective, for a long time.


But picture this alternative: You walk into a grocery store and see a Hygenia hand sanitizing station. In the 3 seconds it takes to clean your hands, you are offered special coupons for the exact items you were there to buy. You even see that something that wasn’t on your list is on sale today and decide to buy that too. Perfect!

The Hygenia UV-C Hand Sanitizer provides the quickest and easiest way to cleanse your hands. Users simply insert both hands into the sanitizer slot to activate the UV light and air shower for 3 to 4 seconds, cleaning all around the hands including between the fingers. When the air shower ends, the UV cleanse is completed, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and viruses.

In the few seconds it took to wash your hands, you have been engaged with messages on the Android-powered interactive display. For businesses, this is an easy to use and customize browser-based software solution that can display, sequence, schedule, and manage your content. The software is ready to go right out of the box — just add pictures, videos, media feeds, RSS feeds, or YouTube videos and off you go!

The advertising screen is an opportunity to promote special deals to the shoppers who are minutes away from making a buy decision.

The Hygenia Hand Sanitizer is a way to do just that.   

Another bonus for businesses: The Hygenia sanitizer is much less expensive to operate than other sanitizing solutions. The UV-C light has 18 million doses before it needs to be changed while wipes (200 to 700) and foams typically need replacing at 6,000 uses.

For consumers, staying healthy is now simple, quick, and effective. The Hygenia UV-C Germicidal Light Hand Sanitizer keeps you and your family healthy by cleaning your hands. You are also privy to special offers and other coupons just for staying healthy!

For businesses, there’s never been a better way to get timely and relevant ads in front of your customers, show them you care about their health, and cut down on costs at the same time.


UV-C light kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses and destroys the nucleic acids in microorganisms, leaving their DNA unable to perform cellular functions. UV-C light is safe and has been used for disinfection since the 1950s.

But don’t take our word for it!

Cleaning is quick and easy. Here’s how it works:

Place your hands either face up or down in the slot opening

Feel the air shower cleaning and soothing your hands and between our fingers

When the air shower stops, remove your hands — you’re done!


We have received a legal agreement to be signed from Burger King to conduct a Neilsen test in several of their stores. Should the test go well, and we have no reason to think it won’t, Burger King has verbally committed to put a Hygenia UV-C Germicidal Light Hand Sanitizer in 5,000 stores.

The Burger King representatives have also agreed to introduce us to Tim Horton’s, which is potentially another 4,500 stores.

We have placed a sanitizer in the corp. lobby at the Western Regional Corporate Offices of Whole Foods to collect opinions and remarks from the employees there. Over 90% have been very positive.  As a result Whole Foods has given us the okay to approach the individual                                              stores for placement of our sanitizers.

We had a very successful meeting with Virgin American Airlines in which we were asked to return for a “team event” and another meeting. As it turns out, airlines are already using UV-C light to clean empty aircrafts. Thus, the concept pitch was very easy and they understood better than anyone the germicidal aspects. 

We have also have preliminary discussion with Captivate and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines among others.

We have a patent on the motion activated procedure involved in approaching our sanitizers.   

The main reason for this fundraiser is to carry out the Neilson test with Burger King. After that successful test and implementation, the floodgates will open. That is why we also need to expand our leadership and sales positions. 


George’s background is in finance. As an Investment Advisor, he has helped several startups develop seed funding. George has also created many startups of his own, including a digital photography website whose customers include Microsoft, Fuji, and Milton Bradley. George is very adept at developing startup marketing strategies and revenue models.

Nigel brings a wealth of product development experience in a broad range of consumer electronics categories. Before coming to Hygenia, Nigel was CTO for the Best Buy private label group managing all technology. Nigel has held positions heading up engineering groups in the development of wireless technology, web based services, and multimedia display technologies. He has also worked at leading high technology companies such as Apple Computer, Polycom, and National Instruments. He holds an MS in Computer Engineering from Rice University as well as 21 U.S. patents.

Kevin helps us part-time with financial planning spreadsheets for documents and strategy. He has held CFO positions at Prospira PainCare, Inc., CRC Health Group, and Epoch Senior Living.

Richard leads with experience and overall wisdom in many areas. He is an attorney that built his wealth through real estate investments and has become an invaluable resource concerning strategy and final decisions.

Derrick has held positions of Senior VP of Marketing at Colgate Palmolive and VP of Marketing at Clorox.

Contact Information:

George Scritchfield
Nigel waites
Kevin Hogge
Richard Adams
Derrick Gordon

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