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Jul 1, 2015 4:01 PM ET

Archived: Creative Textures: a web documentary series about artists, their crafts, and their cathartic experiences

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 1, 2015

Creative Textures

Hi! My brother and I have a web-based short documentary series idea that we call “Creative Textures”. This web program documents local artists, their crafts, and their inspirational insight regarding creativity and the arts. This is a non-discriminatory program; people from any walk of life are eligible to be showcased, and as long as they consider what they do to be an artform, we would love to capture them and their ideas in a 2-5 minute video segment. We are heavily rooted in the art community of LA’s south bay and love to see our friends get the recognition they truly deserve, which is the sole reason we want this program to happen. Creative Textures is set apart from any other documentary program of its kind because we do not just showcase someone’s art; we take it a step further. We aim to figuratively “dissect” the subject and give them a chance to express in words the cathartic relationship they have with their art because, after all, art is just as personal as it is public. If all goes as planned, this program will delicately weave our “by the people, for the people” mentality with a high-quality elegance that people want to watch and that the artists will be proud of. 


We were fortunate enough to be granted one free half-day session at Studio 637, a local audio/video studio in Hermosa Beach, CA, with which we were able to come up with our “pilot” segment featuring Josh Beliso, a local sculptor. However, it is our goal to create an 8-10 segment pilot season of Creative Textures, and for that to happen we need to cover the costs of production, including video equipment rentals, lighting, and studio space. That is why we need your Support!!! by contributing, you are helping to get local artists the exposure that the deserve. Our team is deeply rooted in the art community of Los Angeles, and we love to see our friends shine through!


Contact Information:

Dylan Pelle

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