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Jun 30, 2015 12:12 PM ET

Archived: Weather Point 2.0 – The World’s Smallest Weather Station: is an individual keychain weather station. Measures temperature, humidity, UV, atmospheric pressure on your mobile device

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 30, 2015

Weather Point 2.0 – The World’s Smallest Weather Station


What is it?

Since we are all aware of weather changes that are affecting our lives and daily activities,  as team we decided to create Weather Point in order to follow up with such changes and have most accurate weather measurements on very current locations. 

As we like to call it ” your individual and personal weather station”, Weather Point 2.0 is actually an innovation in weather monitoring and measuring.

Dimensionally pretty small and convenient to carry around in your daily activities, it is functionally more than helpful due to the facts that works as thermometer, humidity meter, UV index & atmospheric pressure meter and it is compatible with your mobile devices . Supports iOS & Android .

In any moment ,on any location , provides you with temperature , pressure, UV and humidity measurements.

Cute and elegant, stylish, fashionable, convenient and very necessary piece of your daily outfit to help you go throughout your day without rainy or any other weather surprises. 

Simply plug it in, read it and you are all set to go!

How does it work?

Weather Point 2.0 has four sensors (for temperature, humidity, UV radiation and atmospheric pressure) built into a standard four pole audio jack.

It is placed in a durable housing made from plastic, aluminum and titanium. These four sensors send an audio signal which then reduces the signal amplitude which depends on the actual readings. The software is using the calculation of the matching temperature, humidity, UV radiation and atmospheric pressure, and reads this information on the screen of your device.

Just plug Weather Point 2.0 into your mobile device and start our App. The readings will appear on your device at a blink of an eye! Weather Point 2.0 doesn’t use a battery or internet connection. It is powered by your device battery and doesn’t spend a lot of energy so don’t worry about recharging.

By measuring atmospheric pressure Weather Point 2.0 App will inform you about your current altitude. Another useful info, isn’t it?!


When you’re not using Weather Point, it is safely placed on your key chain, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

Weather Point comes with a keyring so you’ll always have it with your keys.


New S biner

Apps and developers

We are making a free Weather Point 2.0 App that supports iOS and Android. But that’s not all! This would work on iOS and Android as an API, providing the information from Weather Point 2.0. Collected data can be used for whatever you want, whether for changing display or for making a Cloud platform.

For the first version, SDK will contain API for fetching sensors data. It is implemented as dll which must be appropriately included in the application package depending on the chosen platform Applications will be able to communicate (fetch data) from sensors through dll.

Why would I want to use it?

With Weather Point 2.0 you’ll have have your own personal weather station that can fit in the palm of your hand! That’s some great news to lot of people, especially if you like outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, hunting or fishing – because you don’t need internet connection.

We usually rely on weather forecasts and apps – the truth is that those temperature values come from weather stations that can easily be dozens of miles away. That means they are not always correct. Nothing beats measuring the values yourself right where you are.

Weather Point 2.0 helps indicate and estimate the time required to reach the maximum amount of UV rays to which you should be exposed in any specific weather condition. It is strongly recommended that you re-measure the UV Index at least every 60 minutes when necessary. Just like in the Sci-Fi movies!

Why we need your support?

We invested a lot of resources into making the prototypes, but in order to start a mass production we’ll need materials for housing, components and factory time. Your funds will be used for sensors, resistors, materials for housing, tooling, manufacturing and for App development.

How Weather Point was born?

At this moment we are at our 3rd revision of Weather Point 2.0 prototype (current prototype). We’ve redesigned our prototypes several times, until it finally met our expectations – it is cool, tiny, and easy to use. This is why we’re starting the Kickstarter campaign now. We had a vision, we created a goal, and now the time has come to see if our passion is shared by others.



Tech specs – keeping it simple

  • Dimensions: 54.9mm x 11mm 
  • Weight: aluminum 11grams, titanium 17grams
  • 4 passive sensors
  • Power: No battery needed


Weather Point 2.0 is designed to measure the temperature, humidity, UV radiation and atmospheric pressure of your environment with your mobile device.

Temperature and humidity sensor (low power consumption):

Temperature Accuracy @25°C ±0.3 °C

Temperature Operating Range (Ta) -40 to +125°C (-40ºF to 257ºF)

Humidity Operating Range (RH) 0 to 100%

Input current on any pin -10 to +10mA

Storage Temperature (Tstg) -40 to 125 (-40ºF to 257ºF)

Relative Humidity Accuracy @25°C (20%RH to 80%RH) ±2%

Measuring Time (from 33 to 75%RH) 5ms

Communication I²C protocol

Barometric pressure sensor (low power consumption):

Absolute accuracy (p=950 – 1100hPa) ± 1 hPa

Relative accuaracy pressure (950 – 1050hP) ± 0.12 hPa (equivalent to ± 1m)

Operation range 300 – 1100 hPa

Interface I²C and SPI

Measuring Time 5.5msec

Resolution of data Pressure: 0.18Pa Temperature 0.01K

Ultraviolet (UV) index, and ambient light sensor (low power consumption):

– Integrated UV index sensor

– I²C interface

– Integrated ambient light sensor

– Accurate lux measurements with IR correction algorithm

– Operating temperature –40 to +85 °C


•Supply chain and logistics
The risk of being rejected in App Store.
• We care about the mechanical quality of our products. Even though we came in contact with several other prototypes of things manufactured by our supplier and despite the confirmed confidence of our partners who worked with the manufacturer several times before, there is always the risk that we are not satisfied. In such a case an additional iteration and improvement of the manufacturing process might be necessary. This rather unlikely scenario would delay the manufacturing process.
•To make sure the Weather Point work as they are supposed to, we are going to test each unit electrically. If we receive orders up to 2000 pieces, we will test the devices ourselves in our HQ before shipping them to the customer. For orders higher than 2000 pieces we will need some extra hands in order to be capable of performing the electrical test in time.

Contact Information:

Mind Lab

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