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Jun 30, 2015 6:29 AM ET

Archived: The Ultimate Pocket Fleece: A smart polar fleece with 19 tech-enabled, hidden pockets to carry everything you need… invisibly!

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 30, 2015

The Ultimate Pocket Fleece


A smart polar fleece with 19 tech-enabled, hidden pockets to carry everything you need… invisibly!


While clothing styles and technology have changed dramatically over time, pockets have NOT evolved to keep up with either.  Today, people carry smartphones, tablets and the wires and batteries to keep devices charged… but we’re still essentially carrying that high-tech stuff in pockets designed in the 18th century.

…until now.

This is the Ultimate Pocket Fleece. A jacket so beautifully complex and precisely engineered with 19 pockets that we need to show you an x-ray view to appreciate all the details.

What sets SCOTTeVEST apart?

Do you have an iPad?  We have a pocket for that.

Do you have a smartphone?  Just imagine being able to see and control your phone through the clear fabric of an interior pocket.

Ok, now stop imagining, because our clothing does all this and much more:

The Ultimate Pocket Fleece has 19 pockets, and each of them has a purpose.  We even include icons on the clothing with the suggested uses for each pocket to help you stay organized.

Ever had your headphones wind up getting tied into a knot in your pocket?  We have a patented system for running your wires through the lining of the jacket, so they will never get tangled again.

We pay extreme attention to the details.  If you’re a traveler, you need to protect the RFID information on your passport and credit cards… so we lined a special pocket with RFID blocking material.

No one likes smudges on their glasses or touch screens, so we include a cleaning cloth on an elastic tether in the glasses pocket.  It even has a mini pocket map printed on it so you can find all the pockets and features.

You will never lose your keys when you keep them attached to the integrated keychain.

And you’re more likely to stay hydrated when it’s easy to carry a water bottle hands-free without it spilling.

Too hot?  Take off the sleeves.

I could go on and on and on describing the specifics and features of the 19 pockets in this Ultimate Pocket Fleece.  

If you already “get” the idea and can imagine how awesome it would be to have a SCOTTeVEST in your life, I would be happy to share the world of pockets with you!  Just check out the sizing chart and jump right in.

If you want to really appreciate the quality and level of careful design that goes into this product, you should know why I created it in the first place.

Why 19 Pockets?

While most fashion designers are concerned with things like hemlines and draping, we consider ourselves to be function designers first and foremost.

Yes, the outside matters, but the structure of the pockets, the way they improve your life, and the way they make carrying and accessing your technology easier are our first focuses.

Think of the stuff you use all day, every day.  Your cell phone.  Your keys.  Your subway pass.

When you carry it in a backpack or shoulder bag, you may have it with you, but you can’t easily access it.  Sure, you could wear a fanny pack, but they look terrible and you have the weight of everything you carry hanging from one part of your body.

All ^^that stuff^^ is being carried in the pockets of this vest… and you can’t even tell.

The way we engineer our pockets spreads out the load of whatever you carry so that you aren’t weighted down, and you don’t look lumpy.  And because the pockets are laid out in an organized manner, everything is at your fingertips and you can access your gadgets whether you are sitting or standing, without needing to rummage through a bag.

Our Story

My personal quest to evolve pockets began years ago. I was commuting a lot for work – to a job I did not love – and was carrying all of the gadgets that I had to bring with me. I tried backpacks, computer bags, fanny packs… every variation of what could be considered a man-purse you could imagine.

Not my best look.

One day, while on a hike with my wife, she expressed very succinctly that she was tired of carrying my crap when we went out, and that I needed to find a better solution.

I looked into fishing vests, and while all those exterior pockets may have had the capacity, they were no better looking than a fanny pack, and none of those pockets were designed to hold the devices I wanted to carry.

With no clothing design background, I grabbed a pair of scissors, some scrap fabric, and a stapler.  I cobbled together a super rough prototype of my first pocket product: a vest.  I took a chance, quit my job, and formed a company – SCOTTeVEST – to produce and sell these pocket-filled vests.

In the 15 years since producing my first prototype, the devices have totally changed but my commitment remains the same: to produce high-quality, good-looking clothing with tons of hidden pockets.

Wearing SCOTTeVEST will change the way you look at clothing.

Why are we on IGG?


Clothing changes… Technology changes… Our products change… But one thing that has not changed very much is the business model of creating and selling clothing.

Our Indiegogo campaign is not just about raising some cash to put a new product on the market.  We want to take the same type of radical thinking that we apply to the pockets in our products, and evolve the way clothing is ordered, produced, and sold.

We’ve been changing the clothing industry since our first product:

  1. We were the first clothing brand started online (in 2000) and set up exclusively to sell direct to the consumer.  Our first product was actually sold on a pre-order model, very much like Indiegogo today!

  2. One of our guiding design principles in non-obsolescence, which is a fancy way of saying that our clothing doesn’t go out of fashion.  This allows us to order in larger quantities and sell the same style for several years.  No one else does this… but it’s not without its risks.

  3. Now, I want to change the game again, reduce my inventory risk and pass those savings directly on to YOU.

I’m not a big gambler.  Nickel slots and low-stakes poker are about all I can stomach most of the time.  Unfortunately, the traditional clothing company model is set up as a gamble.

Right now, any clothing company – whether they are massive or tiny – will come up with a design a full year in advance, produce a whole bunch of them, and hope that they sell.  

If they do sell, great. Hopefully that success will help them break even for all the other styles that did not perform nearly as well.  

Our first two innovations in the industry – selling online and creating timeless designs – have allowed us to succeed in spite of these gambles, but we still need to buy and stock huge quantities of clothing.  That’s a big risk, and a huge expense.

This risk is why some clothing brands charge outrageous prices, and then you see them a few months later in discount stores for 75% to 90% off their original price.  Once “the season” is over, they know they won’t get any more money from all their stock, so they can only get rid of it at steep discounts.  It kind of sucks for everyone… and there has to be a better way.

I believe that shifting to a Clothing On Demand model is the solution the clothing industry needs.  When I first ran a pre-order sale, I was able to mitigate some of my risk, and that success allowed me to build upon my first product and continue to grow.  I am trying to do exactly the same thing with this Indiegogo campaign today.

To evolve with the times, the clothing industry will need to shift to be more “on demand.”  Through this campaign on Indiegogo, I want to test a Clothing On Demand system, where companies like mine have a mechanism to know how much of a product they should create before it is created.

By lowering the financial risk to clothing manufacturers like me, you will pay the absolute best price possible.  Manufacturers like me don’t need to wonder if there is going to be $2 million worth of inventory sitting in a warehouse for a couple years that no one wants.

Bottom line: everyone wins, and this Indiegogo campaign is the first step in my experiment to see if clothing on demand is a viable model for my company and industry.


What are the risks of supporting this campaign?

Essentially… none.

We’ve been in business for 15 years, and our company has been featured all over the news:

If you look at any product on our site, you’ll see tons of amazing reviews.

And if you’re still not convinced that we are legit, just Google SCOTTeVEST and see for yourself.

Creating clothing as complex as mine is a completely different process from making an average piece of clothing. When we create a product design, it is about 50 pages long and contains details and specifications that you might expect to see on blueprints for a high-rise building, not a jacket.  

“There’s more design thought in Scott’s clothing than most smart phones.” – Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist at Canva

Through a process that takes months of back-and-forth with our factories, we work through each minute detail in a process of prototyping that requires multiple iterations and long hours of detailed explanations.

For the Ultimate Pocket Fleece, we have already gone through that entire process… The prototype is our final proof, and the next step is to place an order and kick off production.  At this point, it’s not a question of if, but when, so there is really no risk that we won’t deliver on our promises.

We are working with a factory that we have used on dozens of garments before, and their work is top-notch.

The only potential delivery risk would be a delay in shipping, which could hold things up for at most a week.  We have a hold on all materials required for our initial run, and have access to additional materials for follow-up orders.

I’m ready to order… how does sizing work?

I’m ready to order…how does sizing work

To determine which size is best for you, check out our sizing chart below. If you still have questions or if you’re not sure if your favorite device will fit, just ask and we’ll double check for you.

What is the return/exchange policy?

We accept exchanges and returns up to 30 days from the original ship date.

Items must be unworn, unwashed and with hangtags still attached.

A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number is required prior to shipping your package back to us. To obtain an RMA # for your return or exchange, please fill out the necessary form on our website.

Where can I find high-res photos? 
We are flattered you want some high resolution photos of this garment. Hopefully that means you would like to feature our story. Photos and other assets can be found at SCOTTeVEST.com/IGG or you can contact pr@scottevest.com 


Contact Information:

Kelsey Bates
Caite Vatcher
Kate Westerhout
Thom O'Leary
Michael Crenshaw
Marshall Rule

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