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Jun 30, 2015 8:50 AM ET

Archived: Route Ten – The American Bus Bar: A unique mobile bar experience in the UK

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 30, 2015

Route Ten – The American Bus Bar

Route Ten - The American Bus Bar


Route Ten

 Here is a chance to become a part of something unique

 Hello and Welcome

 I thank you massively for being here and taking the time to read about our proposition for a unique take on a great industry.

 About the project:


There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them. – Seth Godin’


Route Ten is fantastic start up opportunity taking a simple idea, turning on its head and doing something extraordinary with it.

So how did it all come about?

It all began at a local event where a man was in a box trailer serving 2 types of beer, lukewarm I might add, with a very small selection of cider and 1 type of wine. At an event with over 1000 people this red dilapidated old trailer being towed behind a car from the 80’s really didn’t present a great image, and annoyed me for most of the day. In my mind it just wasn’t good enough. 

That evening with a few friends I got talking, bouncing ideas off of them about how something can be done about this. So we came up with a few simple rules that we wanted to enforce and follow: 

  1. Never serve a warm beer!
  2. Have a great selection of locally produced ciders and ales
  3. And serve only the best wine at an affordable price
  4. Have something for the kids, not just a bottle of fruit shoot!
  5. Do all of the above in a way that is different and benefits local people 

It was at this moment that Route Ten was born. Named after a local bus route we used to take as kids it spurred us to solve another problem, how do we do it? 

How do we provide a bar to different events in and around the east of England, carry enough stock and equipment to run a bar for a day or a weekend and keep up with demand. How do you do it in a way that hasn’t been done before and have a market presence that stands out so much it’s a unique selling point in itself? We looked at several options: 

  1. Buy several shipping containers and convert them, a great idea but not mobile enough for our needs at the moment, save that for the future
  2. Buy a bus. Sounds easy enough, but it’s been done and turning up in a Volvo double decker bus isn’t really an image that’s unique and stands out
  3. A Route master bus? Now this had us, but with the numbers of them dwindling in supply, and a few companies already doing it, it didn’t seem right and with an older vehicle the costs worked out to be incredibly high
  4. Use a 7.5T lorry and convert to a bus. Now this fits the need for space, but a banged up old tired truck really doesn’t help the image, and the cost of buying a newer one pushes us out of the market 

This seemed to be our stumbling block. We had the idea just not the vehicle to do it. That was until a few days later while at the cinema, the answer hit us like a bolt of lightning. On the screen in front of us, 45ft of total glory stood there, a bright yellow American school bus.         Furious searching on the web and hours trawling through classifieds though turned up a turkey. Could we find one for sale in the UK? No chance, not even in Europe.  

Our great idea laid in ruins. That was until a friend returned from the states on a business trip, and made a note of a place in Ohio, that when he drove past was filled with 50+ of these awesome vehicles. After several calls, emails and even letters, we found what we were looking for. In all its magnificence, we now have a supplier in the US who is happy to sell a bus to us in the UK and aid in the shipping to bring it over. The dream can now become a reality.


I hear you ask though, why an American school bus?

It’s very simple. Type American school bus bar into google and nothing comes up. Not a single 1. There are 3 buses like it in the country for office hire and proms. So put simply, if you want an American bus bar, there is only one result that will be found. Ours. It’s an icon, it doesn’t matter if you have never been to America, if you have seen a film from the US, the chance you have seen one or know what one is, well its massive. Your probably reading this thinking about the last film you saw them in, Die hard, Batman, Marley and Me, the list is endless. Seeing one at an event is going to spark your curiosity and get you involved.

So you now know how we came up with the idea, it’s time to find out how you can help. We are looking for the start-up capital to make this happen. The list of things to do is daunting, but we are ready and prepared to do it. This is what the donation will do: 

  1. Buy a bus from the US
  2. Ship from Baltimore to Southampton
  3. Get it type approved and registered in the UK and get it insured
  4. Send the beast to a quality local vehicle fabricator who will convert it to fully operation bar
  5. Repaint, brand and give it a new lease of life
  6. Advertise the brand, build the website and start to collect orders
  7. Stock the bus, train the staff and get them on the road 

These are the main actions we need to take in order to get the idea from idea to events. We have already had some great feedback from large events around the Bedfordshire area for 2016 who love the idea, but we want to make it as engaging for the local people as we can so this is where you get to help.

So what are you going to do once you are set up?

The question all of our family and friends have been asking while we have been preparing this plan. We have set manageable goals, we are looking for organic growth, and for the bus to be at as many different types of events as possible. Our aims are as follows:

  1. Complete purchasing, restoration and adaptation before December 2015
  2. Agree ties with suppliers before December 2015
  3. Find a base of operations and storage by October 2015
  4. Go live with the website in November 2015
  5. Carry out recruitment drive for staff from young local workers to engage the local community
  6. Begin marketing and advertising campaign via different mediums from November
  7. Begin taking bookings from December 2015 onwards
  8. Have between 25-35 bookings per bus per year from weddings, birthdays, country fairs and festivals
  9. Carry out fundraising for an elected charity at events and give back to local community.
  10. At the end of year 1 begin process of expanding the fleet with an additional bus to cater for the west of England and Wales
  11. End of 2016 expand into container bars and promote further employment from young local people 

These are our big milestones, which we can only achieved with effort, time and perseverance. We are committed to giving back to the community as much as possible, so tying with a charity and promoting young people are a back bone to what we want to achieve. From our point of view, being young ourselves its only right to give back and help as many people as we can.   

Why are we crowdfunding and not just going to the bank?

The more people that donate, the more exposure we get and the more events and people we can help. It doesn’t matter how many friends our bank managers have, there is no better way of carrying out a business than with the help of hundreds of people. Our aim is to use as much local materials as possible, stock as much local alcohol as possible, and employ only local staff. Our aim is to make this a business that is as connected with people as we possibly can be. Not connected with the banks! 

That’s all well and good but what about the other important aspect, the environment?

Well from the outset we decided that we were going to approach this as environmentally friendly as possible. As such the buses will have updated exhaust systems fitted and serviced regularly to ensure they run efficiently, also, along the large un-used roof, banks of solar panels will be installed to help negate the need for generators or mains power. Where possible we will use recycled materials, reclaimed materials and vintage elements, and all products we sell will be dispensed in biodegradable containers, and fully recyclable material. A win win for everyone. 

 If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch at routeten@outlook.com!

Contact Information:

Ryan Bubbins

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