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Jun 30, 2015 7:22 AM ET

IZON 3D TV Technology – That Takes 3D Glasses Out of the Equation

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 30, 2015




IZON is a game-changing (no 3D glasses required) technology company with a simple mission: to make 3D technology easy, affordable and accessible for people everywhere.

From stage to screen, black-and-white to color and now 2D to 3D, pioneers throughout history have continually pushed the boundaries of how we share and enjoy stories. IZON represents the next step in that storytelling evolution: simple, streamlined, and completely free from glasses, a visual technology that provides a truly immersive entertainment experience.


There’s no denying that 3D technology is the next frontier of entertainment technology. Just ask Oculus, the 3D virtual reality gaming company that was recently acquired by Facebook for a hefty $2 billion.But like so many new technologies before it, the early attempts have been far from perfect, relying on expensive, unwieldy hardware and, of course, those awkward, cumbersome 3D glasses that not only inhibit the viewing experience, but cause eyestrain and headaches in the process.

IZON’s groundbreaking technology takes 3D glasses out of viewing equation and makes 3D a viable option for the everyday consumer for the very first time.


IZON is bringing 3D entertainment out of the movie theater and into your living room with our state-of-the-art 3D television that puts you right in the middle of the viewing experience — without trapping you behind a pair of annoying 3D glasses.


IZON is bringing 3D entertainment out of the movie theater and into your living room with our state-of-the-art 3D television that puts you right in the middle of the viewing experience — without trapping you behind a pair of annoying 3D glasses.

IZON’s Technology can be applied to Movies, TV shows, sports events, video games, and commercial advertising — if it shows up on a screen, IZON can transform it into an immersive 3D glasses free experience. Best of all, not only does this technology offer many licensing opportunities, but the simplicity of the technology can be applied to manufacture 3D consumer TVs at a friendly price.

And TVs are just the tip of the iceberg: IZON’s technology can be applied to any screened device, including smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, slot machines and even digital posters and billboards. The possibilities of IZON’s technology are limitless, and the IZON team is committed to exploring new applications and opportunities as we move forward.


The prototypes of our 3D TV line are complete, and we are in the process of finalizing the product for production, with the goal of going to market with our first consumer-facing products in Q3 of 2014. Promising developments leading up to that lauch include:


Kevin has more than 30 years of successful experience in the senior executive, technology development and management, sales, marketing and general management of technology-focused companies. Kevin was a partner at Baker Capital, which he joined after leaving Hewlett Packard where he was vice president and general manager of HP’s Middleware business. Before joining Hewlett Packard Kevin was president, CEO and chairman of Bluestone Software, Inc., (NASDAQ:BLSW) a widely recognized global leader in enterprise middleware technology. Kevin led the significant growth of Bluestone from a small venture funded business, where he was responsible for business growth and establishing Bluestone’s global recognition as the leader in Enterprise Integration Management. As CEO Kevin had many responsibilities including recruiting and developing a world class team of professionals, many of whom have subsequently become highly visible and serially successful executives within the technology industry themselves. In addition to his management responsibilities he also led Bluestone through its IPO, followed by an extremely successful Secondary Offering and subsequent successful merger with Hewlett Packard, Inc.

Mr. DiFrancesco is an Emmy award-winning producer. For the past nine years, he and his Co-Executive Producer and wife Bernadette were responsible for creating the idea, the characters, the music and the production of the “Gina D Brand Library”. From November 1999 to December 2009, he served as its Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Raven Moon Entertainment, Inc. Mr. DiFrancesco has also been the President of J & B DiFrancesco, Inc., a Florida corporation in the entertainment business since 1994. He has been a producer and director of children’s television programs for more than 20 years and has won an Emmy Award and numerous other awards for children’s television. He was employed in the music publishing and record production business in New York City with MCA.

Mr. Gibilisco is the creator and developer of the 3D digital processing technology that is at the heart of IZON, LLC. He has over 15 years experience in the film, video and animation industry. His credits include producing and directing television shows for numerous clients, such as, Nickelodeon, Disney and Universal Studios with airings on a variety of networks such as PBS, ABC, WB, FOX, TBN, CBS, NBC, TNN, MTV, BET, satellite dish networks and affiliate networks. Michael Gibilisco has received The Communicator’s and Aurora awards for directing, special effects and animation along with being nominated for an Emmy. His pride, MG Studios, Inc., specializes in the creation and complete media packaging for the television and film industry. With Mr. Gibilisco’s experience in the film and video industry and being involved with the technical aspects of the industry, he created his own process and software to view image/video/film with and without the use of 3D glasses.

Mr. Fleischer is a senior financial executive with over 30 years of diversified business experience (both public and private companies) of all sizes (from $5 million to over $1 billion in annual revenues). His industry experience includes distribution, manufacturing, healthcare services, promotional marketing/ advertising, etc. He has a proven track record of meeting financial goals and prides himself in being a strategic partner with the CEO and the senior management team. The profitability of every entity that he was the Chief Financial Officer showed strong improvement during his tenures. He began his career on the audit staff of Price Waterhouse (over 11 years). Mr. Fleischer is a CPA and received his BS degree in Accounting from Lehigh University.

Mr. Crain has 22 years of experience in technical consulting, integration, pipeline development and training. His main focus has been in the media industry covering broadcast and animation solutions. Mr. Crain’s experience has covered productions with Disney’s feature animation Mulan and ACSR (Avid Customer Support Representative) assisting with technical issues concerning editing and film cut lists. He worked for Avid Technology as an ACSR supporting media and film composers in broadcast and post facilities across the United States, for Century III at Universal Studios as a technical director and animator, for Crystal Mystique as an art director and 3D technology integrator for sub-surface engraving in crystals, and for MG Studios, Inc., where his responsibilities includes the management and oversight of projects. Currently, Mr. Crain is developing new lenticular technologies targeting 3D markets for IZON, LLC.

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P. Kevin Kilroy
Joseph DiFrancesco
Michael Gibilisco
Stuart F. Fleischer
Dominic Crain

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