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Jun 30, 2015 9:43 AM ET

Archived: Hera London: An exclusive Mens Clothing Brand with Gaz from Geordie Shore as our brand ambassador

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 30, 2015

Hera London








Hera London is an exclusive Mens Clothing Brand with Gaz from Geordie Shore as our brand ambassador

Hera London is an exclusive British clothing brand based in the fashion capital of England, London. GAZ from Geordie Shore, who has a following on social media of over 3 million, is our main brand ambassador. We have had orders from the UK, USA, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Australia and Belgium. We are currently getting over 10 orders per day, having only been launched 6 weeks.


    Products & Services

    Hera London is a Global brand that offers a range of contemporary jeans and we are looking to expand our range of products. We have just launched our “Super Spray On Skinny Ripped Jean” collection in black, and we are releasing a blue and white collection soon. Customer response has been outstanding, as can be seen from our customer reviews.
    “These are the best jeans I have ever worn”
    “The Quality is amazing”
    We have also had comments on social media praising our designs and acknowledging the fact that we have filled a gap in the market. Hera offers Free Delivery, Next Day Delivery and Worldwide Delivery for the utmost customer satisfaction.

    Problem Solved

    There is a gap in the current retail market for good quality male spray on jeans. Many are forced to buy ill fitting female jeans from Topshop or lower quality jeans from Topman. Our ”Super Spray On Skinny Ripped” jeans are designed to fit like female jeans. They are skin tight from the top to bottom, allowing for the ankle to be rolled up without falling down. All of our Jeans, in every colour and style, will fit and feel the exact same way due to the combination of fabrics used throughout our entire collection. This allows for returning customers to explore the range of clothing while shopping with confidence. Our 78 orders we have only had 2 returns due to wrong sizing.

    Revenue Model

    Our sales strategy:

    Brand Nation have also implemented a sales strategy they have used successfully with other relevant clients. It’s called Club 20 and they have 25 online retailers and independent stores on the high street using it. It works like this: each retailer makes a weekly order, e.g. if they all order 14 pairs each per week, that’s 350 units per week. Then we can target ASOS and Footasylum, who have 50 stores around the UK.

    Exit Strategy

    Once we have matured and are turning over a large and steady revenue, we will look to buy your shares back. If we do another round of funding in the future, you may be able to exit then as well.

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