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Jun 30, 2015 11:23 AM ET

Archived: Fund the Future Today: Support Sustainable Communities

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 30, 2015

Fund the Future Today: Support Sustainable Communities

My name is Sharan Coleman.  I work with a group of incredible people.  We are all in our fifties, we all were formerly employed with very good jobs, and we all, for whatever reason, ended up working for ourselves.  My Partner, Joe Williams and I met Vincent White and his partner Audrey Mowdy a few years back and the connection was incredible!  There was such synergy and passion in our conversation, we knew our meeting could not be a coincidence.  We all had the same great passion for helping people, our environment and ourselves.  It was what we knew we were born to do.  Vincent, an architect, had put together a plan to build an all “Green” ecological center using state-of-the-art sustainable materials, we call it the Eco-Center.  Joe and I shared a consulting business helping veterans, unemployed and victims of age discrimination, discover their passion, and turned that passion into a profitable business.  Audrey has a nonprofit working with the homeless. It didn’t take long for us to discover that we could actually accomplish our goals faster, if we worked together.  

So we formed a plan to build Vincent’s “Green” Eco-Center, training and hiring the homeless, veterans and unemployed to build it.  After adding Carl Lewis and Gerald DeCosta to the group, the Prosper Initiative was formed.  Of course that’s an extremely simplified version of our story, and the plan is much more extensive, but you get the gist.

Georgia Prosper Initiative, Inc. is a Georgia for-profit corporation and subsidiary of the Prosper Initiative Strategic Alliance, LLC (PISA).  Our team of strategic partners bring several decades of solid experience in every aspect required to Research, Design, Engineer, Build, Finance, Manage and Grow sustainable carbon neutral Communities. We are uniquely positioned to ‘develop concepts into sustainable reality’ and support a community’s vision with sustainable development solutions. 

The Eco-Center

This Eco-Center will be designed as a mixed-use, income-producing “Carbon Neutral” real estate project.  It will be a fifty acre development, of five cluster buildings which total 3 million square feet of leasable space.  This Eco-Center will be in alignment with the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system at the Platinum certification level for each site landscape, structural envelop and Interior design.  The space will be used for small businesses, trained by our Cultural Creatives Entrepreneurial Academy, apartment living, industrial space, private office suites, incubators for developing new technology, hotel suites, meeting rooms, ballrooms, restaurants, daycare, medical facilities and commercial kitchen.  The roof of the building will house a garden with fresh fruit, vegetables and spices to be used by the kitchen, restaurants and hotel facilities.  The studio apartments are designed so that our trained small business owners will be able to work and live in the same same space, if they so desire. 
Training Academies
Our plan is to hire and train veterans, underprivileged and unemployed workers to formulate a “Green” workforce.  We will use this “Green” workforce to help build the Eco-Centers, and to retrofit existing buildings.  Unemployed skilled workers will be trained in our Green and Gold workforce Academies, and hired in green technology jobs.    In addition to training a Green workforce, we have a Cultural Creatives Entrepreneurial Academy in which we will train people to run their own businesses. • Do you have a passion or skill that you could do the rest of your life without pay? • Have you been recently retired from working a job for 10 years or more and are ready to work for yourself? • Have you just graduated from High School and instead of paying $100,000 for a degree, you’ve decided to skip the degree and develop your own technology or invention?   All of these scenarios are perfect examples of our Cultural Creatives™ who are a perfect fit for our Cultural Creative Entrepreneurial Academy (CCEA).  Cultural Creatives Entrepreneurship Program Start-up Package includes the following: 
• Creating a Business Mindset Discovering Who You Are  • Discovering Your Passion and Creativity  • Establish LLC Corp. / State Business Licensure Structure  • Cultural Creative’s Incubator Membership Fee for One year (If needed) • Credit Repair Information / Building Personal Credit/ Credit Score (If needed)  • Establish a One Year Business Plan • One Year Marketing Action Plan  • Establish Business Checking  • Merchant Accounts  • State of the Art Sustainable business location with Built-in Customer Base • Back Office Support
Both Academies will include Back Office Support which includes:
The Cultural Creatives’ back office support will include:  • Office Administration  • Business Plan Development  • Operation Budget Development  • Human and Resource Management  • Information Technology  • Processing Systems  • Organizational Development and Investment Staff • Professional Development and Training  • Customer Service Training  • Public Relations  • Brand Development Facilities Design  • Space Planning  • Project Management 

Call to Action: We need initial funding of $50,000 to begin our workers development program.  The money will be used to set up our online university and to set up our back office support for our new business owners who graduate from CCEA.  

Contact Information:

Sharan Coleman

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